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Sunday, June 20, 2010

MJ's Secret Vault site - UPDATED..and again UPDATED..and AGAIN!

(Please re-read as this thread has changed since it was first posted).

As TMZ reported earlier this week, there is a new MJ website endorsed by Michael's mother, Katherine-- and is the vendor of a new book of reflections of Michael in photos, with Mrs. Jackson's thoughts on pages opposite.

Check out the site (Michael Jackson's Secret Vault) and read about this new book.  There is a  picture of Mrs. Jackson holding a book (believed to be the one) entitled Never Can Say Goodbye: Katherine Jackson ArchivesHere are some of the photos to be included in the book. According to the reply I've received, MJ's Secret Vault does in fact have Mrs. Jackson's endorsement.

Details:  Hard copy (150 pages) is $59.99 and an e-book version selling for $8.99  Also mentioned are some awesome looking T-shirts and a 16 month 2010-2011 calendar beginning October 2010 ($27.98)  Check out their new store launched on June 17th here.

Future Sites:  There are 2 other websites  listed at the bottom in small print.  One is and both of which currently lead to a page of sponsor links--but it has been confirmed those sites will be up and running in the future. 
With the Estate hot on the trail of people trying to use MJ's likeness and music without authorization, as well as the alleged surprise of some of the family members with a Gary Project, it is wise for each of us to collectively check out new information to ensure they are legitmate before handing over our money. 

Until we're told otherwise, this appears to be legit.

UPDATE #2:  Well, according to this post on TMZ from a Daily Mirror article (here) with Mrs. Jackson herself, the book is LEGIT!

Also, cited directly from the Daily Mirror articleSunday Mirror readers can claim a 35% discount before June 30 by quoting the code MJMirror. Proceeds to be split between Katherine, Michael's children and the Voices Against Brain Cancer charity.

Hold the phone.  UPDATE #3:  Let's get a little more information on the man who is behind this book before we run off with it.  This newest TMZ post about Mr. Howard Mann, and a claim to possibly be in talks to release some 273 tracks of Michael's-- without the Estate's blessing.  Umm, I think I'll wait a while before more is known about this.


  1. Do I dare to order it?? LOL

    Cali, Did you happen to see any shipping info on the site? Trying to find out if they ship to Canada... am I just blind? I don't see anything... stuck in my postal code (where it says enter your zip/postal code) but nothing calculated. ???????????


  2. HMMMMMM...I have seen it...we were talking about this on maxjax in fact,...Patti found the news of this new book first...
    I dont know, because naw everybody wants to take advantage of Michael...( well, like always...), so, we will see if this is related to Katherine or not...
    I was checking on that seems like an online-shop can already order the book...( hmmmmm...)
    I truelly hope this really comes from Katherine...

  3. Another coffee table book!
    No thanks i'll pass!
    Patti are you gonna buy it?
    The 'REMEMBERING MICHAEL'magazine was it any good?
    I doubt it if i can find it here.

  4. HMMMM....suspicious Patti...cause...Canada is next to the States...hmmmmmm and more hmmmmmm...
    and Volos...Im with you my friend!...NO MORE COFFEE TABLE BOOKS!!!...I became panic and paranoid about coffee table books !!! ;)
    see you where you already know later girls!...
    micros ready???...haha!!

  5. If Cali can get verification that it's legit, which it 'looks' to be, and if they'll ship it here ... then... probably! LOL I'm just a sucker! haha!

    Remembering Michael is awesome!! I haven't read the entire thing get, but what I have skimmed all seems positive. and the pics are AMAZING!! *drools* haha!

    Totally off topic.. but I just cleaned out the entryway of my house... and Haley and I had 31 pairs of shoes in there!!! 31 !!!!!OMG!! and we each have lots in our bedroom closets too!! wth?? Who needs that many shoes?!?!? hahahaha!!

  6. Ok everyone - I've gotten a reply already from the site ... give me a minute to get it written up and posted.

    I'm writing back to ask about shipments outside the US (since blog readers here represent over 47 countries!) So I will keep you posted on that!

    I agree-- my hesitation about another book after having dealt with BB for 6 months-- well, my first reaction was to write a letter for confirmation. Just a quick answer here-- the site appears to be legitimate and the 2 other sites will be up at a later date. (So they have likely purchased the domains).

    Will keep you posted. Hope all of you are having a wonderful day/evening ... I'm off to send the email, post an update and then get some breakfast. I'm starvin! LOL

    Much L.O.V.E.

  7. Oh..and Patti... EVERY woman needs more than 31 pairs of shoes! That only covers one side of my closet....

    prances of like Carrie Bradshaw... lmao

  8. Patti,

    I walked through like I was going to purchase the book-- selected it (added to cart) then Proceed to Checkout... it gave me an option to change my country... See the page here

    Let me know if you don't get this ok and I'll write them-- otherwise I won't for right now till there are other questions.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  9. What are you centipedes?LMAO

    And Velvet i've quited COFFEE only mate now!haha!

  10. Thanks Cali!!

    I had contacted them also, and they just replied (shocked to get a reply so quick!!.... definitely not run by Kraken!!) to let me know that they do ship here. Not sure whether to just jump in and order... or wait to see some reviews first......Such a dilemma!!

    Phew! I'm not the only one with a crazy shoe fetish!! lmao at you prancing off like Carrie, Cali!

  11. LOL @ Volos! Yes... centipedes! Enjoy your mate! Are you still drinking the 'tobacco' flavored one? lmao!

  12. Well, then, we trust you Cali !!, we will wait untill see what happens!
    Regarding the shoes issue...Patti and Cali...both are sooo right!....too much shoes in my closet too...but for a woman its never enough!...haha!....a need a complete new closet for all my shoes!...LMAO...TOTALLY OUT OF TOPIC NAW:
    BTW...Cali!(some chit-chat)...Patti and me being so far...this morning we were listening "Dangerous" while we were cleaning the house !!! LMAO
    you have to go there sometime and talk with the "three stooges": Volos,Patti and me...LMAO!
    Thanks for clear this coffee table book issue up CPC!!

  13. SORRY...there...I mean...Skype!...OMG...eating words again!

  14. OMG!!! for a few minutes the box to post a comment wasn't there!! Sheer PANIC!!! but it's all good now...!! *big sigh of relief!*

    That was so cool this morning, Velvet! We were both scrubbing our floors..and both listening to Dangerous ♫ at the same time!! haha! Yes, we are talented! We can scrub floors AND skype at the same time! LMAO!

    Sorry for the off topic... now back to our regularly scheduled program......


  16. lol Velvet... well, I'm glad you trust me-- but I'm basically going with my gut on this one. Since the story was released on TMZ, and I know that Howard Weitzman (one of the Estate attorneys) is frequently interviewed for MJ articles-- I am positive that TMZ vetted this with the Estate prior to releasing it. There would have been some follow up since it was posted or even the story might never had made the site if it weren't true.

    So... there's my logic and opinion. LOL

    Tobacco colored?

    Off for a nap. Up tooo early this morning. Later my little aligators!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  17. PS my shoe count is 37 :):)

    about THE book- im also to curious to not order !!!

    love you all see u on Skype and our other Home

    ps Cali glad to see u r up and about again did for sure Miss your pre

  18. Hi Chantal!!!! How are things going with World Cry in the Netherlands?

    hey everyone.. FYI.. if you want Mrs. Jackson's book, you can get it for 35% cheaper by reading all the way to the end of the Daily Mirror article (or just read the last lines in this thread...lmao)

    Put the savings towards a new pair of shoes!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  19. Thanks Cali!!

    You save $21.00 with the code... It almost covers the shipping which is $27.45 to get it to me. I chickened out at the last minute and didn't complete the order. I think I'll wait to see what others have to say about it first...... or maybe I will go ahead and order it. LOL! I just don't know what to do!

    OMG!! Someone make up my mind for me!! Hahahahaha!

  20. HAHAHA!!!...Patti !!! could wait and see what happens first...we dont want the same experience...once again...LMAO
    Good night and sweet dreams lovelies!!

  21. Ok... there's a reason to hold off on purchasing this book now-- Even though it is reportedly legit-- there are questions being raised about the man, or should I say, Mr. Mann, who is behind this. Read the latest TMZ post here:

  22. PattiAnn, I received mine last month, and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I like the book, something to add to my MJ collection.