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Monday, June 21, 2010

NY POST is the Freak of the Week!

Just when we thought the world would finally give Michael some peace.  Take a look at this article posted today via NY Post's Amanda Peyser entitled The Freak of The Week.  I have already seen some MJ FC's taking action demaning a retraction and plans for a boycott should that not happen.

If you make a comment, please-- no threats, no name calling, no vulgar language and keep the comments respectful.  Even in light of what Amanda Peyser is saying, there is NO excuse for any MJ fan to show disrespect.  We must and will fight for his honor with integrity.  We have the truth and L.O.V.E. on our side!

How shameful Ms. Peyser.

UPDATEThe Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California posted on Facebook: "We have been informed that to get the article removed in addition we must write email to this address. "

In other idiotic news, Conrad Murray's lawyer's PR rep made this comment when asked what Murray would be doing Friday, the 1 year anniversary of the death he caused Michael's death. 
"Miranda Sevcik, the PR rep for Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, tells TMZ, "Dr. Murray will be mourning privately. He doesn't want to distract people by reminding them of Michael's death. He'd rather people remember his friend, Michael Jackson, as he was in life." Source/TMZ
The world is set to mourn the one year mark of his death.  How can we not be reminded he is dead?


  1. Here is the comment I left...
    Ms. Peyser, it truly is more than disheartening to see someone take such low shots at the dead. Whether you like another human or not, there is no course where rubbish such as this article about Michael Jackson should have any place in print, on the web or elsewhere. Perhaps the outcome you wished was to vent some personal venum but to do so at the expense of his children, his mother and family, ESPECIALLY the week marking his death is beyond the lowest form of inhumane treatment you could have shown towards another and does not degrade Michael rather shows the core of your own being.

    Very very distasteful. It is with hopes that you print an apology to Michael's children and mother- whether by your choice or the request of NY POST readers. It would be the only decent thing to do.

  2. Apparently Amanda (who is it?) not knowing MJ's life totally...sadly
    MJ's life was interesting. MJ was a unique person and a brilliant artist, not to mention the extremely loving, incredibly humble, kind and generous man he was.

  3. What more can I say ?...You have already said what I thought after read the article....
    Dont worry Cali, Im not going to say anything disrespectful to this person...except that I feel sorry for her...
    You can like or not another human, anybody have the obligation to like Michael, of course, we are free humans...but that dont give you the right to disrespect in so distastful way a person...
    I dont feel bad for Michael, we all know what kind of PERSON, HUMAN BEING, and let me tell you
    Ms Peyser, because aparently you never listened about this: Michael Jackson was a HUGE HUMANITARIAN, he gaves most of his fortune to charity, he WENT AND VISITED HOSPITALS as much as he DID CONCERTS....
    So many people all around the world cant be wrong!, he was an amazing musician, a talented dancer, a genious in what he did, and THIS IS A FACT...NOT JUST AN OPINION...
    But what is the most shameful of this is: That MICHAEL JACKSON,the person whom you Ms Peyser are talking about...HAVE PASSED AWAY...he is not here anymore, he cant talk and make a defense...
    This man has a family and three kids, YES, THEIR KIDS,who love him so you or not...
    The main issue here is that this is a strange world, because when a person comes in to do good, to give, to help others...then, this person is pursued,attacked,critisized...
    This was what always happenned to Michael...and it continuou the same way...JUST BECAUSE HE WAS, HE IS AND HE WILL BE JUST THE BEST!
    Shame on you Ms Peyser...the article doesnt talk about Michael Jackson...the article talks about you...
    L.O.V.E...and long live the king!!!
    PS...sorry Cali for so long post!


  5. Official MJ Fans of SC FC just posted the following (will post above too)

    "We have been informed that to get the article removed in addition we must write email to this address. "

  6. Thanks so much Cali !!!
    love ya!!

  7. Email sent. Wow, this article was just nasty... sounds like she has something out for him personally....wth?

  8. Some fans are now compiling a list of NY Post's advertisors.... and there's another (very inaccurate) article on the Mirror's article from Mrs. Jackson and about the children.

    Bad! Very BAD of the NY Post to allow any of this to be said to begin with-- after all the man IS dead-- but to do it the week of the anniversary of his passing ... AND THEN to allow the one about the children? Really poor taste Murdoch.

  9. I needed to wait a couple of hours -- it's so hard not to write something nasty after reading the article.

    She said she covered MJ's trial. So how come Aphrodite Jones saw the truth and admitted she was wrong in first thinking Michael was guilty, while she didn't? If anything, this article proves that discrimination is mostly borne of ignorance and self-pride. We are gifted with different levels of intelligence, integrity and compassion. Unfortunately, Peyser seemed to have been left out as she obviously has little or none of all three.

    Thanks for sharing, Cali. Excuse me all, am off to counter this article wherever possible. @###!!! -- the wallpapers will have to wait.)

  10. This was the least nasty I could be. What I wrote:

    06/22/2010 9:06 AM
    To those who refuse to believe, no proof will suffice.

    Andrea Peyser, whatever you say or write about Michael Jackson will not change what he actually was -- an extraordinary human being who did his best and succeeded in making the world a better place for countless people. Your refusal to see that is your burden, no longer his because he is now beyond the reach of your hurtful lies.

    In time, your disgust with him will eat you up. Because as tons of literature and film, etc. show, that's how hatred works. Meantime, his phenomenal music will keep playing, bringing joy nonstop. Each time you hear it, or even just remember it, you will seethe inside. Then you'll turn to your computer again to churn out more venom.

    Those who believe in the truth about Michael Jackson cannot stop you. We could go blind blogging but you will continue with your own brand of witch's brew.

    So what to do? Leave you to your cooking until your hatred gobbles you up. While we listen to Michael's music, remembering what he accomplished while here and firm in the knowledge of the good person he truly was. Perhaps from time to time we will remember you in prayer - that you will finally see the light and give yourself a break. Cheerio!