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Monday, June 28, 2010

VIDEO: Chris Brown's Tribute to MJ at BET Awards 2010

Let's see how long this link stays active. It appears Viacom, Inc (who owns BET) is pulling all videos as soon as they go up.  So watch it FAST!  Chris did one of the best jobs I've seen so far of tributes.  Thank you Chris Brown.

(pulled from YouTube) Source/thru TMZ

Well fiddly dee-- Viacom already pulled this one too!  Ugh!  Here's a link to TMZ' 


  1. I could watch this over and over again ... (OK... so I already have! haha!) LOVE IT! What an amazing tribute to an amazing man... Great job, Chris!

  2. Cali...I watched Chris performance last night...(thanks to roomate in Skipeland! )...haha!...and it was just awesome!!! perfect and sweet!...made me cry like a baby...( again )...
    I had to used tons of make up this morning to go to work!...LMAO!
    Love ya !