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Sunday, June 27, 2010

BET Awards: Cali Swag

Watching the pre-show for BET Awards, where Chris Brown is reported to be set up for a MJ Tribute (whoopsie TMZ, that wasn't for the unofficial Memorial..but for BET). 

Anyway, flipped the chanel just in time to hear everyone celebrating me-- with Cali Swag.  LMAO  Ok, I did have to rewind the live play to make sure I wasn't losing my marbles-- And thankfully, at least for this, I wasn't.  There's a group called Cali Swag District who can be found here on MySpace.  Check 'em out!

Great job guys!  You couldn't have picked a better name... Cali Swag!

Best of luck in your future career!

Much L.O.V.E.


  1. LOL Cali!!! You gonna 'Teach Me How to Dougie"?

    Love their name!!

  2. HAHA!!!...Cali knows how to "Dougie" !!...
    she is our Dougie teacher naw !!!...
    Great name !!! ;)

  3. lmao.. I might need to hook up with Cali Swag and come up with a "Teach me How to Opi"....... lmao or something. (hmmmm, I might just do that... lmao!)

    OMG..did you see the MJ tribute Chris Brown did? OMG! I wasn't a fan of his before this-- and I thought Usher would be the better choice to do the tribute-- but WOW! I'm in tears and so proud of Chris!

    c\WTG Chris! L.O.V.E. to you!

  4. No, Cali.. I didn't see the MJ Tribute. Grrrr!!! I don't get BET so have been watching a live stream... showed Chris behind the curtain... I was SO excited that it finally started.... and it went offline!!! so so so upset!!! (HaHa! I may have woke Velvet up to complain.. sorry Velvet!)

    LMAO @ "Teach Me How to Opi"!! Do it!! Ha Ha Ha!

  5. Oh.. happy now!! It's already on youtube!! yay!

  6. OWWWWWW !!!!!...Thanks Patti !!!...( she found the link )...I have just saw Chris performance !!!...and Im in tears too !!! was so alike ! perfect !...Michael would be so proud !!...
    Im crying again !....
    ( I will need extra make up tomorrow I guess ) much tears this weekend...
    Thank you Chris Brown ... just perfect !...

  7. MJ Tribute
    -Goose-bumps all over my body
    -Tears in my eyes(once more)
    -and Chris performance to MAN IN THE MIRROR just PERFECT!!

    Good morning IACOPS and non IACOPS.
    Have a nice Monday!
    PS'Teach me how to dougie?'
    Cali we need immediately some smilies in here,so i can
    express myself better,for the 'dougie'!
    ....*teach me how to ...!!!!oh!God*
    Goooooth some earplugs PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAASE!

  8. Cali...where are you? Off practising your Cali Swag??