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Monday, June 21, 2010

Vote MJ's TII for best movie - BET Awards

Go here and place your vote.  If MJ wasn't in the mix, I'd vote for Avatar (first movie I saw twice in a theatre!) 

Watch the BET Awards Live this weekend.  (Check listings).  I just hope Jamie Foxx isn't drunk this year if he's hosting and Mr. Jackson stays home with all his assistants and Blu-Ray partners.


  1. Done!....
    stop posting cali please!!!...i cant follow you !!!...haha!!...just kidding dear!...
    Good night and sweet dreams sweetie!...( the looney bin is waiting for me...)

  2. Awesome! He's got 55% of the votes (when I looked last night). I think the votes are nothing more than a popularity contest, rather than official voting (like the ones earlier this year) but all the same, it's nice to see MJ on top of all the polls.

    BTW. I voted twice when I saw the site. LOL