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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

INDUCTION: National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame

Have any plans August 14, 2010?  Will you be in the New York area?  Why not reserve your tickets now to be at a Gala being held at the National Museum of Dance, where you can witness first-hand Michael Jackson ('s legacy) being inducted into the National Dance Hall of Fame.


Here is their website, cued up for the event-- (in the middle).  Please be sure to check it out and get your tickets NOW!

More on this in the coming days... be sure to stay tuned.  You won't want to miss it.  That's a guarantee!

Much L.O.V.E.


  1. Morning sweetie!!! was that roast ???...I dont eat meat as you know, but I like all the roast ceremony and family enjoying around the table together specially in bet it was great!, right?
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  2. Got some weird error the first time I tried to post.. so if it ends up showing up twice.. Sorry!!

    This is AWESOME! and...hmmmm.... close enough that I could actually attend! Wonder what I'm doing that weekend? It is at the beginning of my next vacation week.... hmmm... perhaps a trip to New York would be fun!

    Velvet, you don't have to eat the roast.. just drink the wine with Cali! (I'm greedy, I want both roast AND wine!) haha!

  3. Cali? ..... Too much roast and wine?

  4. Happy Independence Day, Cali!!

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    How is everyone this fine morning?

    Hi there LPPC!!! *kiss kiss* PattiAnn! How was your little Comet's bday? LULU! How are you my dear? So good to see you! Have missed you!

    Much L.O.V.E.

  8. There you are Cali! Hello to you and every other IACOP-member. I have been busy having guests over to the summerhouse.... not much of vacation for me... just householding... But it's summer! It's sunny! The temperature in the air and in the water is just perfect for a nice swim. Life is worth living right now. Even without MJ.... Wish you all a happy day! See ya!

  9. Hi there my lovely CPC !!!!....So happy that you have been celebrating !!!!...YAY!!!! ;)
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    Haleys b-day was awesome! She is so spoiled!! LOL

    *kiss kiss* back atcha... and YES! It is all Volos' fault!! hahaha!

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  20. Oh heavens ... what a weekend! LOL Found some great deals on peaches and strawberries this weekend. So I have emerged from canning strawberry preserves and pickled peaches. What an impromtu purchase and long days on my feet. Am looking forward to sitting on my backside with my feet up and Skyping with you all!

    Can't wait! Sorry I missed Sunday-- and all my emails. Will get them caught up today.

    Much much much L.O.V.E.

  21. Hmmmm...that weekend sounded interesting cali!, just as mines when I go to a place here called San Pedro where you can get great deals on oranges and peaches!!!...haha!!!...
    Regarding Skype, we are there sweetie, and we will be delighted to have you there!!!
    Love ya !!!!...LPPC...

  22. Ohhh.. send me some oranges! lol Actually I have to send you a few pictures of some Argentinan food (candy/cookies) I tried and some cheese. Oh was soo yummy. The cookies are Bon o Bons. OMG.. those are YUM! The candy is Havarian? (Can't remember the name--but it's got caramel in the center). I can't open those yet-- if I do, I'll eat the whole box!

    Ok, have to figure out Skype-- lol I swear I am gettig on there with you!


  23. Owwww !!!!...Bon o Bon !!!!..they are YUMMY!!!...and the candies...hmmm i dont know!!!...haha!!!...I want Bon o Bon naw!!!