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Monday, June 21, 2010

Recent MJ News - UPDATED June 22nd

Little behind on actual MJ news... and in some cases, I use the term loosely.  So here are links to some recent stories (by category).

MJ's 1 year anniversary related:
(Billboard) MJ:  The Cover Story (thanks VOLOS!)
(TMZ) Justice4MJ (aka MJFSC) hope chest to Forest Lawn (FL)
(MTV)  1 year:  A look back
( Networks announce MJ Tributes
(Entertainment Daily-UK) Plaque to be unveiled June 25th
(London Theatre)  Thiller Live (Adrian Grant) to debut Speechless-Tribute

(Washington Post) MJ:  One year later (video)
(Voice of America) June 26th Tribute (Jackson Family Foundation)
(LA Times) MJ Fans to have FL access June 25th
(Rolling Stone) MJ Fans to have FL access June 25th
(Black Star News) CNN's Michael Jackson-The Final Days
( Interview with Tom Mesereau, Jr.
(Herald Sun-Australia) A year ago the world... **new
(Rolling Stone) MJ Tribute at 2010 BET Awards June 27th
      Cali's Comment:  Hopefully Jamie Foxx won't be drunk at this one!
(Sydney Morning Herald -Australia) Hysteria fades as 1 year approaches
      Cali's comment;  What the ____!

Estate related:
(WSJ) Estate next crisis:  Loan Repayment
(NY Daily) Team Branca generates $783 million since MJ's death
(ABC News) MJ: A Billion Dollar Man
(Billboard) Estate and AEG to help pay for MJ's Memorial/LA
(LA Times) AEG to help cover MJ's Memorial cost ($1.3 million)
(LA Times Blog) AEG/Estate to help cover cost of Memorial

Randy related:
(CNN) Randy's interview with Tony Harris (video)
(AP) Randy taken to hospital (June 15th/news-video)

Katherine related:
(Mirror UK) Mrs. Jackson remembers MJ a year later
(AP) Family member updates and Adam Streisand's comments
(TMZ) Showdown with MJ Estate
(TMZ) Estate Ready to Pounce **new
(Friedman) 273 Jackson Tracks **new
(Friedman) Mrs. Jackson comes out swinging **new
(Friedman) Mrs. Jackson's inerview on NBC **new
Joe related:
(CNN) Joe accuses AEG
(AP) Joe accuses AEG

Misc related:
(NOTW UK) Navi talks about surgeries
(Billboard) MJ's most popular hit
(Guardian UK) UK libel suit dropped re: Jackson Family
(BBC) Ex-bodyguard drops libel bid


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