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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MJ's celeb friends- Will you be there... with flowers?

Words are wonderful, especially when this Friday words will be one of the few things left we have to hang on when we join together around the world to celebrate Michael Jackson's life, and continue to grieve his death, filling our empty hearts with memories of the grace he tried to change the world.

For months, MJ fans have been coordinating from every corner of the globe, one flower at a time, to show our love of Michael and condolences to his family this Friday. 

Celeb friends-- could you please help us?  Please call your florists and arrange bouquets-- as large as you can-- to be sent to Holly Terrace at Forrest Lawn this Friday.  The world's cameras will be upon this site to see what a year gone by has done to our collective memories.

Please show the world, the nay-sayers, that Michael IS special.  Is Loved.  Is Remembered by more than just his legions of fans, but by his peers and people who called him friend. 

Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. GREAT IDEA CALI !!!!...
    I truelly hope they listen and WILL BE THERE...