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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Almost a year without Michael.  How is it possible?   Think back over the past almost 365 days and try to reflect the world around you.  What things have you become more aware of outside your day to day life?  What new experiences have you been exposed to since Michael's death last June 25th?  What have you contributed to our world to make change, the change Michael so desperately wanted to make this world a better place to live?  What can you do today, tomorrow and the weeks/months to come to help others? 

After the whole Opus Experience, the world has become a smaller place for me personally.  When I watch the news and hear of a disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, or fire, and even good things such
as new inventions, politics, enticing vacation spots viewed through a camera lense, I think of who I have been fortunate to have met for that country.  Some times that is with fear for their safety; other times with longing to visit and meet all the wonderful MJ fans in that beautiful setting.  Experience the local cuisine, libations, customs, but most of all, the L.O.V.E. that is contained within the invisible geographic walls set forth by man centuries ago.

Michael was concerned with Mother Earth and how we have abused her.  He was concerned about others, living without food and those facing famine, disease, illness and abuse in all its forms.  After the earthquake in Chile, especially with the worry if our MJ fans there were okay after the quake, a few of us started talking about creating a report.  This report would be from each of you to the rest of the world and would include current events but also highlight things we could work together to change or help with.  

So without further delaying getting this report started, there is no time like this week to start it.  MJ fans are bound and determined to change the world we live in, to make it that beautiful place that Michael so often begged us to see through his words.  He has left us a challenge and a legacy to uphold, with only one question to answer... Will you be there?

Start gathering local stories from your countries that tell of the world immediately around you.  When you hear of someone in need, bring those stories here.  Let us educate ourselves and reach out in whatever way we can as a group of fans to help others.  Let us, with the spirit and L.O.V.E. Michael has spawned in our hearts, help others.

Look for threads titled We ARE the World-Report (WATW-R for short)We can determine how often these will be posted after we get started, but for now they will be as information is sent in, even if that means daily.

We also need to make sure we have good translation tools so everyone, no matter your language, can be a part of this. 

We are here to change the world.  Join us!

In loving memory and continuing to celebrate the life of a generous humanitation,
Rest in  Peace dear sweet Michael Jackson.  You are L.O.V.E.!


  1. Good morning sweetie !!!!!...
    WOW !!!!...WATW-R is activated !!!...Congratulations!!, Im so so happy for this!, and you are so true...this is the best week for doing it !, to honour the man who taught us how to be more humans,what humility was it about, how to give,how to love...
    So accurate and loving words Cali!, thanks for being the creator of such incredible project, thanks for giving us this home in wich we can turn into a reality our thoughts and needs...
    Lets make this home an instrument to do good, to help others!!!...
    Well, you already know that you can count on me !!, just ask and I will be there!!/here!!...or wherever you need !
    Im going to copy your final phrase sweetie:

    "In loving memory and continuing to celebrate the life of a generous humanitation,
    Rest in Peace dear sweet Michael Jackson. You are L.O.V.E.!"

    L.O.V.E to everyone here!! LPPC...

  2. Great idea, Cali. I will be with you in this. Yes -- what better time to start it off. Let's be a force for good the way Michael selflessly and courageously tried to be. Like Velvet, I thank you for yet another venue to contribute something positive to the world.