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Sunday, June 27, 2010

MJ Stories not posted since Friday

First, please go to here (special page) to share your tribute first.  Regardless of what you think of Sony, they are an official mouthpiece, I mean website, for MJ.  The more we show how many MJ fans are out there, without spending a penny, the better our chances are showing them how strong our voices can be.  Don't be silent.  We need to show the world MJ's fanbase is the mightiest of them all!  For Michael, with L.O.V.E.

Also, don't forget BET Awards is tonight!  Check local listings and be sure to vote for MJ's TII here  
Awards to be presented:  Prince will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award and John Legend the Humanitarian Award. Among others, Usher will be performing.

Then read some of the articles posted on/since Friday below.

See previous thread here of MJ News

Memorial related
(AP) Fans gather in Gary, IN (video)
(LA Times) Fans mark anniversary MJ's death
(LA Times) Photos of fans marking anniversary
(Detroit Free Press) Remembered at Motown Museum
(Washington Post) MJ: One year later
(TMZ) Anniversary in photos
(National Post) Filipino prisoners' Tribute to MJ (story)
(TMZ) Gary's monument unveiled
(TMZ) Dove's released (video) Cali's STILL upset about this.
For the record:  those ARE doves, not pigeons
(Friedman) Mickey Rooney serenades MJ fans @ Forever Michael event and here
(TMZ) Fans at Hombly Hills (pictures)
(TMZ) Tom Mesearau visits FL  TMZ u suck for the title of this one!
(LV Review Journal) Donny Osmond talks about MJ on radio
(TMZ) Invite to Forever Michael memorial Article and Invite
(Vancouver Sun) MJ Fans pay tribute to the Billion dollar man (global) **new
(AP) A year later: Jackson fans still out in force  **new
(Sony Music-International) MJ Memories (video and links)  **new

Estate related
(See articles on Jackson Family Foundation under Joe related below)
(AP) MJ's Victory Tour glove sold at auction for....
(TMZ) Estate furious over documentary Tokyo release See screenshot here
(TMZ) Estate threatened with lawsuit (from Mann re: 273 tracks)
(AP) Estate contests 2nd Japanese company's claims **new
(AP) Estate says documentary misled fans **new

Katherine related
(TMZ) Coffee Books stolen (sent to Gary, IN)
(LA Times) Katherine endorses Forever Michael memorial (video)
(TMZ) Katherine doesn't want part of Joe's suit
(TMZ) Katherine on Evan Chandler
(TMZ) Katherine attended JFF unofficial MJ Memorial **new

Joe related
(Twitter) Randy's Twitter comments re: JFF and fans **new
(TMZ) Randy on the Jackson Family Foundation (JFF)
Frontpage of the Jackson Family Foundation
Free E-Mag download & contribution made to JFF .... (Cali says, HUH?)
(TMZ) Follow the Money re: JFF
(TMZ) (June 8th) Forever Michael Not MJ Approved re: JFF
(TMZ) Chris Brown to perform at Forever Michael memorial
(TMZ/WJW-Cleveland) Joe hawks rapper on MJ's anniversary... Again Joe?  Seriously?

Jackson 5 related
Motown Museum Site
(San Jose Mercury) Jackson 5 exhibit @ Motown Historial Museum

Murray related
(TMZ) Stripper saw Murray drinking
(TMZ) Joe/Oxman sue Murray's clinics
(LA Times Blog) Joe files suit against Murray
(TMZ) Joe files suit (details)
(TMZ) (original) Joe files suit
(TMZ) Murray saves another patient
(LV Review Journal/AP) Murray makes deal in child support case

Disgraceful Memorial

(TMZ) 420 MJ Memorial
PS.  I hope Team Branca goes after this one!

Leonard Rowe's new book What Really Happened to MJ
See press release here

ABC News/20/20 special Michael Jackson: After Life, featuring Karen Faye, Dennis Tompkins, Michael Bush

(TMZ) MJ's wedding jacket (to Debbie Rowe) heats up auction block

( What will happen to Neverland?

(AP) AP timelines MJ's last day


  1. Thanks for all the reading material, Cali!! I'm trying to get through it all... going a bit cross-eyed!

  2. Me too PattiAnn! There are a ton more out there (many duplicated)-- and I think I've now read them ALL... giggles

    Hope you're having a good Sunday!

  3. Thanks for all this links Cali!!!....I will take all my day off to read them!...they are soo many!...
    I love Randy....he is always so sweet...he reminds me a character of a book..." Don Quijote de la Macha"...always fighting againts windmills...
    Love ya...LPPC...

  4. you're very welcome LPPC! L.O.V.E. you too dear one.

    PS. there's also a new post under Katherine about the *unofficial* memorial.