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Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembering Michael around the world UPDATED June 26

This thread will contain links to the memorials being held around the world today, so please check back often for updates. If you have information, links or photos you would like posted here, please email them to me or post in the comments on this thread.

Thank you A.G. for the idea. 

Leave your memories on Sony's special Tribute page here.

(ET Online) Forest Lawn  Thanks again PattiAnn!
(TMZ) From FL and Encino locations
(TMZ) From Gary

MJ Tribute Music Slacker DJs (Thank you Anders!)
I tried to embed this but it's not recognizing this blog.. will keep trying. In the meantime, click here to listen to it from the web or smartphone.

Thank you @Russia (the angel of my heart) for sharing your pictures that you took today at the American Consolate in St. Petersburg.  I will definitely look for your bouquet of lillies and roses.

Two posters: The first from (republic of) Georgia, and the second from Argentina with many thanks to A.G.  (my little scholar and our little cutie!) 

One Rose for Michael has posted pictures of the arrival of the 3,000 roses sent by fans. Please check their Facebook page here(Thank you PattiAnn)

Picture Credit:  FB One Rose for Michael

Sunflower delivery to FL

Tokyo remembers

Source/Thank you Cozy


  1. I really sorry everyone that i didn't have these up already. I left to run a quick errand last night, and came home to find my pup had played with his brother's leg. It wasn't pretty. So, after I bandaged him up, gave him some meds, we all went to bed very early so the little one would relax and sleep--which he did.

    He's doing better this morning-- thank goodness. No deep cuts/bites-- just Big Boy wore his little leg raw nipping at it. Poor lil guy.

    ...back to tributes...

  2. Oh Cali, your poor dog! So good it wasn't that bad.... Thanks for all the lovely posts. The flowers are beautiful and I'm so happy I could have roses delivered to Michael this way.... Feels good to see that they are now on place...
    Here in Sweden there are no major events planned....

  3. Awwwww.. your poor doggy..

    Are you watching the livestream on ETonline? I just watched them set out the flowers from ORFM.... they look beautiful.. just wish the feed was closer to see better.....

  4. Good morning Goth! Aww, nothing planned? What about World Cry?

    TY again PattiAnn.

    Little one is doing better this morning-- but it is pretty bad-- just luckily nothing deep requiring stitches or vet treatment... so far. He has little legs, so it covers about 1/2 or more of one leg, and about 1/4 of the other rear one. He's sleeping now after his breakfast.

    Back to posting.
    Much L.O.V.E. to everyone!

  5. aha, Cali.... a clue for the comeptition.... small legs :-9

    The livestreaming... the picture is so small... maybe I have to change settings or something....
    There is actually a fan event in Gothenburg.... they have collected money for 1000 roses. Let's see if they post any photos. But they have been bad in marketing the event....

  6. Thanks Goth...and yes, little legs are the key. I think Big Boy just wanted to play, and he has super sharp teeth-- so it wasn't to hurt the little one.

    Please let me know if you find anything on the roses from Gothenburg. That would be awesome to see FL boomiing with flowers.

    The ET Online stream hasn't moved and has no sound.

    The TMZ Live Stream is up and they are talking to fans right now outside FL-- the first link will go between FL and the Encino compound. They will put up another around 11:15am PDT at the events in Gary, where Katherine (and maybe? MJ3 will appear).

    Ok..more soon.

  7. Watching the livestream on TMZ now. So many people waiting outside the gates of FL.

    TMZ always makes me laugh.. they posted: The Jacksons -- minus Katherine Jackson and the kids -- are expected to show up at Michael's mausoleum at 11:00 AM PT ... where an onslaught of MJ's loyal fans will most certainly lose their minds.


  8. LMAO PattiAnn. I've been skimming articles-- I totally missed that about MJ fans losing their minds. LMAO!

    I really feel for MJ3 today. A trip to Maui isn't going to wash away what today means. I hope they know we all send them the very best thoughts and intentions, and they are truly LOVED.

  9. Oh WOW! Look at the flowers...and the people... so so so sad... sitting here bawling....

  10. 400 doves to have been released? OMG! That's 400 doves that would be fighting to find food in an already heavily bird populated area.

    One or a few-- ok-- I can see that. But 400 ?? Thank goodness that wasn't approved.

    Just my opinion...

  11. OWWWW!!!!...already at home!...
    well, I was not going to post anything today...however...after seing all those fans there, all those beautuful flowers!!...I couldnt resist it!...
    I hope Michael could see from above all these demostrations of love and how we miss him!...
    LOVE is in the air today!, thats what he taught to love...
    I agree with you Cali about the doves...400 !! many of them I think!
    Oh!...poor thing your Big One !!!...that little puppy is terrible!...he would think he is a pitbull !!!...:)
    Watching live coverage...and thanks God you are here !...
    Love you IACOPs! much we miss him!

  12. So happy to hear you are home and also here LPPC! I was hoping you might change your mind about not posting today. I know I had the same internal struggle but decided to share things as found.

    The video is making me a bit weapy.

    Much L.O.V.E. to you all!

  13. LOVE YOU CPC !!!, and happens the same to me...
    I think I will have to get another box of Kleenex...
    Seing so much love from the fans to him...makes me cry...
    Love you all lovelies!

  14. Love you too LPPC!

    AG.. I tried the links and couldn't get them to work-- (they won't let me see them on FB--privacy settings. Can you email the pics to me?

    Love you dear AG. And I hope you're doing super fabulous in school! You know Michael would be so proud of you!

    Was that Paula Abdul that just showed up?

  15. Don't forget--in about 10 mins or so, TMZ will post ANOTHER livestream from Gary... they dedicate a statue to MJ outside the Jackson family home... 2300 Jackson St.

  16. TMZ is covering the front gates of FL, while ETOnline right now is still focused on the fans outside Holly Terrace.

    If you can watch both feeds, you should.

  17. Well ... now the two sites (TMZ an ETOnline) have the same pool feed, with TMZ a few seconds ahead of ETOnline (at least on my computer).

    Haven't seen the Gary feed show up yet. Not sure if that isn't going to go now or if they'll wait till noon PDT when the unveiling will actually begin...

    Stay tuned.

    Much L.O.V.E. to all MJ fans around the world today, especially.

  18. The Gary Livestream on TMZ is up now. See link above at top of this thread.

  19. That was so sweet of Tito to stop and say hello to the fans.

  20. Just got home from much 'running' this afternoon.Seeing TMZ in Gary and watched a few minutes before i leave home, FL coverage.How i wish i could be there!But someday somehow,don't know,maybe this dream will come true!
    Nice to see all of you here today!God bless you!

    PS Michael in'NUTS'level today!

  21. VOLOS so good to see you! Yes, crazy day today.

    Everyone-- check this thread in just a few minutes for some EXCLUSIVE pictures from a memorial set up at the American Consolate in St. Petersburg Russia... courtesy of our own @Russia.

    Much L.O.V.E.
    ... gets more tissue as 2:26pm PDT draws closer.

  22.'s taking me a few minutes to add a copyright to the pics for @Russia and then reupload the pics.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  23. I was watching Garys coverage...I had to quit watching it...It made me feel soooo angry!...
    was that a party?...I cant understand really...
    to me is so more beautiful and respectful,the visiting at Forest Lawn... is the reminder of a should be more quiet and loving...
    just an opinion...
    May be a celebration would be more accurate for his birthday anniversary...not for today...
    And, where are their children?...they should be at Forest Lawn with their daddy...
    I dont know...may be Im wrong...and again...just an opinion...

  24. Ok.. @Russia's exclusive pics are up! Thank you again sweetheart for taking those pictures and sending them in.

    Also, listening to TMZ's live feed-- the cameraman at FL says he's from CNN-- shooting the pool feed for the livestreams. So, I ask this question, why isn't CNN covering it on their station -- other than a brief shot here and there?

    And to the fan who shot back "hey, I came all the way from Florida" to security at FL when asked to move along, (and they were welcome to come back through the line)... how rude! First, traveling over a few hours to LA isn't monumental. Some of the fans there are from other countries, traveling many more hours than you. Second, the actions of each fan there today may make/break other fans in days beyond today in being able to also visit MJ.

    /rant over.

    The MJ fans in LA at FL have been absolutely wonderful and respectful today. Thank you from all of those who aren't there, but have plans to visit MJ in the future.

    Much L.O.V.E.

  25. @Russia: I love those pics!...awesome!...( love it can be seen there !!! ), thanks for sharing them with us!

  26. Dear sweet LPPC,

    I agree with you about the Gary coverage. First, maybe because I had so many windows opened, the stream kept going in and out- so I finally gave up after Katherine spoke.

    In the black culture (African American to be politically correct in the US) there are traditions of celebration, even in mourning-- one references "Coming Home"... so part of this is a cultural thing.

    I had a hard time with the Gary thing any way because I don't like the idea that Joe is behind the new 'themed' city they are wanting to create around Michael's death, via his having lived in Gary. If if fact, as some have reported, this whole idea of a Jackson museum was started back in 2003, then I feel for sure there was a reason it was scrapped --or Michael wasn't part of it...and now that he's gone, the plans are going ahead.

    I'm kinda sick about what I saw Joe said on the Cleveland TV show this morning-- just like last year on the BET awards-- selling his rank as MJ's father to gain attention for himself. It makes me so sad inside.


  27. has TMZ LIVE on right now-- all things MJ with Harvey.

  28. thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures from Russia!

  29. Oh! thanks Cali !, for clear up that for me!...I thought in something related to culture at first...but I was not I know naw.
    Its a touching day today...and we all love Michael so,so much!....
    Hmmmmm...Im telling you a we have been skyping all day today while watching the different coverages...and we are still skyping...a birdie have just told me that Goth is lighting a candle for Michael!...and Im doing the same!....

  30. Volos lighted her candle too!...and we all are listenig "Cry "song...

  31. My candle is lit, Cry is on. And this... I walked outside with my pups and felt something land on my shirt. I looked down and it was a beautiful butterfly, which landed directly over my heart.

    The time was 2:27pm PDT.

    And the tears began to flow....

    I Love You Michael.

  32. Oh Cali... that is so amazing... what a moment.

    Did you see that they did release the doves after all? I hate that they broke the rules... may ruin any future visits to FL.. and will show MJ fans in a bad light. Why can't people just be respectful? so frustrating...

  33. I went out in the beautiful summer night with my candle, listening to cry.... noticed that it had turned cloudy after a sunny day.... but suddenly the clouds parted and ONE single star shone bright. Such an absolutely magical feeling... then a bat came flying (hm, don't know what that means,LOL) Love you for all time Michael!

  34. PattiAnn,

    Yes.. I did see the post on TMZ about the doves... and I'm FURIOUS. Not only does their rule breaking harm the chances of others in the future to visit, but the chances those doves have to survive in the wild are slim to none. The numbers they released, there's no way those poor innocent creatures will stand a chance to live.

    Michael would most definitely NOT approved of that! And more so, in his name. One or 14.. that's a whole different story than 400! I am just sick about it!

    And that fan who said they stand for those who aren't there at FL-- You most certainly do NOT stand for me! I wouldn't have broken FL's rules nor harmed innocent animcals to make a statement.

    (I went off on Twitter about it).

    Ugh.. I have to go calm down. BBL

  35. Goth.. a bat? *giggles* Lovely story till the bat got there.


  36. Im also furious about the doves!!!...poor inocent animals!...Why there always be someone who brake the rools ?...OMG!...Michael would never approved sth like that!...
    Wow!...Cali and Goth !...amazing experiecies!...
    Michael is here...always doing the same...spreading L.O.V.E everywhere...
    Love you so much MJ !

  37. hey LPPC... btw..where was my skype invite? *cries* I could have been on with you all today! *cries some more*

  38. WHAT!!!! You could have been on there with us today?? Bad, bad Velvet!! lol

  39. Hey Cali why you didn't say that earlier?Do you have an account?Velvet is still on.I'm going for sleep!That would be awesome though!Maybe tomorrow!!!
    Goodnight and sweet mj dreams!
    Love ya!

  40. oh! silly!...come on!...we are hoping to see you there everyday!!!...and you dont need any invitation sweetie!, in fact WE WANT YOU THERE!!!! are missing lots of fun for not being there!...haha!....
    you just have to upload it:
    and then...when you have it...tell us and we look for you !!

  41. First: Crazy...not creazy??? much writting today....
    Second: Well...Im BAD...BAD...BAD...haha!!...thanks Patti!...I love you more!... :)
    Third: Do you already have an account Cali ???...
    OHHHHHHHH !!!!....We are there every single day...( actually we are like living together there!...) LMAO...

  42. 2 posters from Argentina were added.

    Good morning everyone!

  43. Good morning Cali !!!,Good morning IACOPs!!!,
    Thanks sweetie for the poster...( the second one ), the first one I dont think is from Argentina...but the second I was trying to find it yesterday...thanks!...
    I will try to check how was it that vigil...because here television didnt show anything about that...
    Have all a GREAT saturday beauties !!!!
    Muaghhh !!!!

  44. Velvet you're right :) Cali the first poster is from Georgia :)from my country :) I was on that event yesterday:)And the second one is really from Argentina, I have a friend on FB from Argentina.And I loved that poster!!!It's amazing:):):)

  45. Whoopsie.. my bad! I corrected that above. See what happens when I write so early in the morning? I m.u.s.t. get some sleep! LOL

    L.O.V.E. to all of you my dear IACOPs and all MJ fans.