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Sunday, June 27, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Leonard Rowe's new book

Email your questions to me at and I will present them to be answered.  If anyone is interested, I can arrange to interview Mr. Rowe or his press people.  (My preference however is to ask your questions via email and post them.)

New Michael Jackson Book by Legendary Concert Promoter Leonard Rowe Published to eBook by FastPencil

"What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop: The Evil Side of the Entertainment Industry" Chronicles Unseemly Circumstances Around Michael Jackson’s Death

CAMPBELL, Calif. — June 25, 2010 — FastPencil and Leonard Rowe today announced the availability of Rowe’s book, "What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop: The Evil Side of the Entertainment Industry." Rowe, a legendary concert promoter and longtime friend of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family, selected FastPencil to publish the eBook version available for iPad, Kindle and all major eReaders.

"This is a story that must be told. It is a first hand account of the conspiracy and the power of the entertainment industry and I am so glad to be releasing the book on the anniversary of Michael’s death," said Leonard Rowe. "It is a raw and eye-opening account of the perils of fame and about the man everyone knew as the ‘King of Pop,’ but whom I knew as a dear friend."

"What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop: The Evil Side of the Entertainment Industry" chronicles Michael Jackson and the Jackson’s rise to fame, the corruption, the endless media frenzy that surrounded him and what ultimately contributed to his untimely death. Rowe provides personal and intimate anecdotes and experiences from his 30-year relationship with the Jackson family.

In the book, Rowe, who was with Michael just a few days before he passed, writes that he believes there was a conspiracy behind the murder of Michael Jackson relating to his 50 percent ownership of the entire Sony catalogue, which is now worth billions of dollars.

The book is now available at and

"FastPencil is honored to have Mr. Rowe select us as a vehicle to share his story," said Steve Wilson, CEO of FastPencil. "With Mr. Rowe’s in-depth and personal analysis of Michael Jackson and the Jacksons, we get a rare glimpse in to what goes on behind the scenes of the entertainment industry and insight into what happened to a legend."

Next-generation publisher FastPencil provides authors such as Rowe with an end-to-end solution that strips out the cost and complexity of traditional publishing. By blending social media, marketing, production and distribution, authors can sell more books and maintain complete control of their content creation, price, distribution decisions and sales activity every step of the way. FastPencil’s relationships with thousands of book and eBook retailers ensure that each book published is available to the broadest possible audience.

Pricing and Availability
"What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop: The Evil Side of the Entertainment Industry" is available for purchase in print for $21.95 or as an eBook for $9.99 at and

About Leonard Rowe
Legendary concert promoter and close friend to Michael Jackson, Leonard Rowe, began working with Michael and the Jackson family in 1979-80. He is the first and only African American concert promoter to organize and promote an international concert tour with Michael Jackson and "The Jacksons." The tour, "Off the Wall," was extremely successful and catapulted Michael's solo career. Rowe has continued his relationship with the Jackson family for the past 30-plus years.

Rowe, who was with Michael a few days before his death, was hired by Michael Jackson to oversee his business and financial affairs during the scheduled London concert tour, "This Is It."

About FastPencil
FastPencil is leveraging the disruptive trends of self-publishing, social media, print-on-demand and eBook distribution to deliver a new unified online service that streamlines the book publishing process offering more control and higher margins for authors. The FastPencil writing and publishing service enables authors to create books online, collaborate, publish and distribute from one engaging, simple, cost-effective solution. For more information please visit

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  1. This sounds an interesting book least what it apperas to be said here is what most of us believes its the truth of what happened last year...
    At least...I personally belive it.... could bet wich my question will be sweetie... ;)
    I will email you later...
    Much love for you!...and always thank you for all you do in our behave !!

  2. test sorry about that

  3. Another conspiracy theory?Well i think it has good bases, as!
    Michael had that feeling time ago,that he is gonna be killed,as his brother Jermaine told to LK.But was he so naive not to take any measures?I don't know!
    So many books in such theories out there,plus many more!What to believe?I guess will never know for sure!

    One is for sure!Many people make money out of Michael!

    Cali hope you're having a good day!
    Love to you my dear one!

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  5. I read Leonard Rowes book, and it was VERY INTERSTING & REVEALING. I had no idea that things were so cut throat in the music business, but it TOTALLY ANSWERED ALL MY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL. There are a lot of people walking around it seems that should be accountable for his death, the least of whom is Dr. Murray. We need to all call on our lawmakers to initiate a congressional or justice department investigation into his death as i don't know if the LAPD and the California court system will prevail in uncoverinG the TRUTH. Thank you Mr. Rowe!