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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Conrad Murray on TV show?

What an article! I'm speechless! Murray gets a TV show? Seriously?

Thank you Harvey Levin and your entire staff for this article. For those of us who have some pent up hostility from the last few days, the comment section of this article would be a great place to vent! LOL Check out the subject matter. We KNOW Murray and reps read TMZ' article and comments-- seriously!

"Only in Hollywood, could a doctor who's being investigated in the death of Michael Jackson score a gig to star in a international TV special.

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray struck a deal with a British documentary crew to shoot footage of the Doc during his first day back on the job in Houston on November 23, 2009. We're told the footage was shot for an upcoming one-episode TV special.

A spokesman for Dr. Murray tells us the production company was "interested in the reaction of patients to his return." We're told the crew followed Murray around for the entire day, as he rolled by his office and his church.

The spokesman tells us Dr. Murray hasn't received a dime for his work -- yet ... but he will get paid an unspecified amount once the special airs."

.... Read the rest of the article here. You will want to-- TRUST ME!

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