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Saturday, December 19, 2009

OPUS through Barnes and Noble

While I fume about Ticketmaster and Kraken Opus' customer service, here is a deal you can take advantage of. (click pic to enlarge)

If you are a member of Barnes and Noble's discount card ($25/year), you can purchase Michael's Opus RIGHT NOW at a huge savings. The price listed for members is $135 + tax. Shipping and Handling is FREE. The book is listed as a Pre-Order and will be available on December 21st according to this.

To compare, the August pre-order price was $165, plus Shipping, plus Tax (over $190).

Current prices around the web are:
Barnes and Noble $135 + tax (S&H is FREE)
Ticketmaster is $225 + S&H (tax included)
Opus $249
Michael's Sony site $249 + tax + S&H

Something tells me those of you who order through B&N, will get yours before we who paid back in AUGUST through Ticketmaster. At least those of us upset are not the only ones. Someone's review on Barnes and Noble's site.

Screenshot from
December 19.

Pictured here
are TWO gloves.

Here is the video advertisement posted on this blog November 7th from Opus (posted on MJ's Sony site Nov 6). It clearly shows 2 gloves.

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