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Friday, December 25, 2009

OPUS: Beginning tomorrow...

Beginning tomorrow, thought it would be nice to provide a little editorial review and pictures of Michael's Official Opus. This might help some of the fans who have not received their Opus yet until it arrives on their doorsteps and allow others who haven't decided if they should order it see what beauty is in there.

UPDATE 12/26: Two fellow fans (you know who you are *hugs*) are worried I would get in trouble with Opus or the owners of the copyright if I published pictures here. So, I double checked the book itself and it says Opus holds all rights and unless there is written authorization from Opus, you can not reproduce in any electronic way, any part of the book. *insert cuss word here*

Since I am a law abiding citizen, what I will do instead, is get links to pages where OTHERS have posted pictures of Michael's Opus. If they don't list a page number, I will add that to the information and keep the list in order of pages.

I'm sorry-- I really thought if I took a picture (with a camera-not a scanner) and added a watermark so the picture could not be used in any other way, it would be okay - but I am not willing to take the chance to get in legal hot water with them or Michael's Estate. I just wanted to give you all who don't have your Opus' yet something to make you smile until it arrives. *cries some more*
*end update

Also, I am going to be looking at different templates for this blogpage. If you see it look weird and then go back, then you know I am working on it. I will make an announcement when I've found the final selection so it is easier to read the articles here.

Merry Christmas to all!



  1. As director of Texas Medical Board Watch, it has been my experience that what the Texas Medical Board tells the public about the law is not necessarily factual. Why not demand that the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott rule as to whether or not the public is entitled to information about the doctor who attended Michael Jackson's death? As it is, the Texas Medical Board is accountable to no one, although several committees in the legislature have the dubious honor of "having oversight".

    I suspect that the use of a powerful narcotic (like propofol), capable of causing a respiratory arrest, outside a hospital setting, is a felony. Presumably, giving a drug IV which caused a respiratory arrest resulting in someone's death, is a felony.

    In addition to the Texas Medical Board, Texas and US authorities with jurisdiction to investigate the circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson's death include:

    1. Texas Department of Public Safety narcotics division
    2. United States Drug Enforcement Agency
    3. Federal Bureau of Investigation
    4. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
    5. US Attorney General Eric Holder
    6. The Harris County District Attorney
    7. Travis County District Attorney Special Prosecutions Division
    8. Every appointed Texas Medical Board member is guilty of "misprision of a felony" because he or she has not reported this crime to a proper authority who is taking appropriate action.
    9. Every committee member of the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee and the Texas House Committee on Public Health is guilty of "misprision of a felony" because he or she has not reported this crime to a proper authority who is taking appropriate action.
    10. Any Texas or federal court with higher jurisdiction than Harris County or Travis County can issue a Writ of Mandamus ordering an investigation consistent with the law and seriousness of the offense.
    11. Texas Governor Rick Perry apparently really is immune to the consequences which should be due him as the chief executive over such a corrupt state as Texas. Where else could the doctor responsible for Michael Jackson's death live and practice medicine without so much as having a file opened on him?

  2. Thank you TexasPhoenix... I am going to go back through this later and will forward it around and post it as a separate topic here this week.