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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OPUS: One fan talked to Andy @ Kraken Opus

Here is jsngb12's comment from MJ's Sony site.

For everybody to read.

Well he said about the glove that they received emails from the fans asking why two gloves if michael only wore one, and then they decided to only send one, about the card he said its really nothing special, its just a card and thats why they decided for us to print it, and the centerfold he said that it wasnt going to be nothing new, that the fans have seen it a lot on tv and online and thats why they decided not to print it, also about the wrong dates he says that there's always mistakes in the books and he's only aware of one mistake so far and he doesnt know about any others yet. about the barnes and noble price he says they are not authorized to sell it like that and they wont ship anything if is not paid the regular price, i guess thats why barnes and noble changed the pricing today, i think they should realease another statement explaining all this things to the fans so that way we dont feel like we are being taking advantage of.

The press and many other people were so unfair to MJ all his life, they were always trying to find a way to take advantage of him and therefore the fans, thats why now when they try to do something we think its against michael we feel that they are doing it again, we cant trust no one, anybody can try to rip us off just because we are michael fans. Its never going to end, people are always going to make fun of us for being his fan, but the loyals are going to stick, ill always like michael and his music and i so will pass that on to my kids.
I hope Opus clarifies everything and that all gets resolved, this work of art shouldnt be stained with all this controversy. I still dont have the book but reading from others i think it going to be worth the wait

If you have talked to Andy or any representative of Kraken Opus, please post a comment below and tell us who and what was said. Let's make sure we are all getting the same story.

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