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Monday, December 21, 2009

OPUS: Barnes and Noble changed AGAIN

Updates at the end of his post. There have been 3 changes to B&N's site on pricing and removing customer reviews today alone! WTF!?!?
Some time between 8:39am PT this morning (12/21/09) and 12:30pm PT this afternoon, Barnes and Noble's website has changed the pricing and customer reviews yet AGAIN. The deep discount is gone! Here are screen-grabs of the most recent changes.

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Damn I am getting mad! Everyone keep looking around, we obviously have overturned an applecart or all these changes and lack of communication would not be happening!

UPDATE: 1:17PM PT If you proceed to Checkout as a member, the price is $224.99

UPDATE AGAIN 2:34 PM PT Now for a limited time, you can purchase the Opus at B&N member cost - $249.99 without being a member. Also, now there are only 2 customer reviews.

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