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Monday, December 21, 2009

OPUS: Errors?

Are there really ERRORS too?

To anyone who has received their Michael Jackson Opus'... I am copying this from another fan site (MJFC thread) who copied it from

Can anyone confirm/deny any of comments below? Please give page numbers so we have something to go on. Thanks!
ok..I'll copy/paste what people wrote in other forum (MJJC).

"There is a picture of MJ just after he came out of the time capsule at the start of a HIStory tour show. It says the the picture was from 1997 in NYC."

"I've come across more errors. There is a picture of MJ and Brooke Sheilds that the cpation says it's from 1979. You can tell from how MJ looks it's from the mid 80s. There is another picture with MJ and Liza Minelli that says it's from 1993. But it's really from the late 70s-early80s."

"I found yet another error in the Opus. One part of the book says HIStory was released in 1996."

"Unfortunately I just found another error. There is a picture of MJ and the caption says it's him on stage in 1989 performing "Heal The World."

and more...


  1. I read the same thing :(

  2. If you get your Opus be sure to come back and make a comment of any errors you might find. Hopefully it is just rumor -- we shall see.

  3. You guys are not gonna believe this. I went on this morning to track my package and the delivery estimate was updated to TODAY!!! I am only 1 state away ;) but it left Chicago yesterday afternoon and is already in Lake Orion, Michigan which is only maybe 20 miles away from me and it's out for delivery now. I will certainly come back and post any errors I find. I hope you get your Opus soon Cali!


  4. Yay darnold! I'm so glad you are getting yours! Tell us all about it when you get it! :) You've been GREAT. Thanks so much!

    Guess what I got in my email today? 2 emails from Ticketmaster replying to my emails from Saturday (after they said they would respond in 24 hours). The email told me to contact and

    Apparently they didn't READ my email or they would have seen Andy was copied and in a later one so was Opus.

    So Ticketmaster is pushing this off on Opus it sounds like. Sad. So sad.

  5. Cali,

    Well, I'm glad TM is giving a PERSONAL contact instead of the customer care email. I stil haven't received responses to the 2 emails I sent them on Saturday. Also, after the book shipped yesterday aftertoon I received 1) an email from FedEx late yesterday and 2) an email from the Kraken customer care email this morning saying the book went out today (?) and I'd get it before the 24th. I think I believe FedEx. This has been one big fiasco.....

    I'm still hoping you get your Opus before Christmas.


  6. darnold,

    Well, TM just gave me Andy AND the Customer Care to contact (somewhere in this mess of posts is the actual email). I see TM blaming Opus, Opus is blaming B&N for the price fiasco, Opus blaming Customs (which I'll give them that one) but a few FREE emails to customers would have alleviated all of this, imho. Sigh. I hope you get yours soon. Mine is *supposed* to be here tomorrow. I think I'll wait to open it until others have theirs. Feels only fitting after reading everyone's posts about how much they wanted theirs. I would personally feel guilty.

    Looks like the UK is getting theirs, but now have to check on Greece for Volos.

    Thanks again for all your help and follow up. Keep me posted!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. BTW darnold, mine arrived last night! I opened it only to inspect it for possible damages (which there were none) but after all those around the world who haven't gotten theirs yet, I'll be taking some pictures to post this weekend here. At least then they can see something that might make them a little happier till they get theirs. It's all I can think of doing.

    Merry Christmas to you and thank you for being so wonderful with your updates, followup and information.