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Saturday, December 19, 2009

UPDATE: Opus contact

Thank you darnold on MJ's site for following up and sharing a contact at Kraken Opus.
Here is the post in its entirity:

Sat, 12/19/2009 - 14:00 — darnold

@ Cali MJ Fan

I was on another MJ board and someone posted an email address for a contact at Kraken who told her to let anyone who is having trouble with Ticketmaster know about his contact info and he would work to resolve the problem. I think she said he is the publishing manager at Kraken. His email is

I can say that I emailed him my story complete with all my frustrations at 9:30 this morning (Saturday) and within 20 minutes he had emailed me back stating that the book would go out Monday from Chicago and I'd get it by Wednesday. He said he'd email my tracking # on Monday when he got to work because he was replying to my email from home. He also said he'd address all my concerns in a more in depth email on Monday.

So anyone who has concerns and is getting the runaround from Ticketmaster, email Andy!

By the way, I called Ticketmaster this morning and the rep told me that my book wasn't going to go out till the end of the year! That was the last straw and I went ahead and emailed Andy.

I'll also come back to this board on Monday and report whether Andy followed up with the tracking info and I'll be back on Wednesday to let you guys know if I do indeed receive my book.

Take care everyone!!

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