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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OPUS: Update for UK Customers

Dear customer,

Opus Media Group are very sorry to report that extreme circumstances beyond our control have caused delays in the delivery of The Official Michael Jackson Opus to a small minority of locations. We have received orders from over 100 countries for this epic celebration of Michael's life and every possible effort has been made to ensure that orders placed before December 1 would reach customers wherever they are around the globe in time for Christmas.

Despite issues with shipping and customs intervention, orders placed by customers in the United Kingdom will now be delivered on or before 24th December 2009.

Everyone involved in the production of this definitive celebration of Michael's life are extremely frustrated that issues beyond our control have delayed delivery of your Opus. As you may know, just weeks before Michael's untimely death, we were planning to work with him to create an Opus on his forthcoming 'This Is It' O2 residency. Following his passing, we were determined instead to create an exceptional tribute befitting the undisputed King of Pop for his millions of fans. To this end, our editorial, design, photographic research, reproduction and printing teams spread across three continents worked day and night to meet rigorous deadlines and produce the ultimate book on Michael Jackson. Having met all our deadlines, and received overwhelming praise for the Opus from customers who have received their copies, the delays to some customers have been even more exasperating for us.

We will be sending you tracking information for your Opus later today and hope that your Opus meets all your expectations.

Once again, we thank you for you patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused but trust that you will be thrilled with The Official Michael Jackson Opus when you receive it.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Clay

Publishing Director

Opus Media Group.

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