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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NEWS: AEG still target of handouts by LA over Memorial

Just 5 short months ago, the world watched Los Angeles host a Memorial of the world's most famous and beloved entertainer, and its most famous resident. Today brings a reminder some within the Los Angeles city government are conducting a criminal investigation surrounding Michael.

Not involving his death but his Memorial!

The Los Angeles Times is still following this controversy as councilwoman Jan Perry urges City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to move forward or drop the allegations there was "criminal wrongdoing" by AEG or others in the preparation of Michael's Memorial.

No open allegations have been published (that I've seen) but allegations were made known in a closed door session a few months back. What criminal activity? For a Memorial Service? Seriously? The longer Los Angeles drags this out, the worse the City of Angels appears in the looking glass.

Costs were reportedly $3.2 million and tax revenues from fans who arrived totalled over $4 million, meaning $800,000 in revenue. Who knows how much was added in the days from June 25th to July 7th when people flew from all over the world to stand vigil outside Neverland and the Encino compound. Add into this the $40,000 fans donated via Mayor Villaraigosa's office produced that bungled website that called upon the grief of Michael's fans to pay for his Memorial. There were so many hits the site crashed.

How much has been spent into investigating the costs of the Memorial? More importantly, let us remember Michael, the man, is dead and the doctor who has been named responsible still walks free. Honestly, what is a more important focus since your books have been cleared?

The conversation continues and we continue to watch with mouths agape.

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  1. Couldn't agree more! --MiMi/CajunSpice

  2. This topic still has me in a tizzy!!!! I still need to get the story together about the ding a ling taxpayer who thinks that LA is due any monies back since the Memorial costs were reported around 3.3 mill... and the city made 4.4 mill in revenues.

    THIS MAKES NO SENSE for anyone to take the case in the court system. I hope the judges through it out! A$$hole! Oops!