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Monday, December 21, 2009

OPUS: Ticketmaster

Thank you to a MJ Fan for pointing this little gold nugget out.

On Ticketmaster's site TODAY (12/21/09), this is what comes up.


These are the two lines that jump out:

Every Michael Jackson Opus will be accompanied by a digital Opus Touch & Turn TM DVD, allowing you to view and interact with the Opus on your own computer.

A unique Opus Reality TM card is also included with each Opus, offering an online 3D experience for the exclusiive use of Official Michael Jackson Opus owners.

So now I pose this question to those of you who have received your orders from Ticketmaster, did you get a DVD and a Reality card?


  1. Hello Cali, I am begotadas, from Spain. I have my REality card months ago, but it don't works. I go on waiting for the news, after i recived one mail in April telling me this is not a fraud, and be patient. Well, i'm tired to be patient.

  2. hi cali its venus thanks for sorting my opus out i orederd mine through ticketmaster as you know and know i didnt get a dvd but i did get the OR card even though its useless