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Thursday, December 17, 2009

FANS: A touching story

If you are prone to tears at sad but uplifting stories, grab your Kleenex before you read this one.

Michael's love for children and helping others was without bounds. One of the things missed most is his compassion and empathy. Without a doubt, he tried single-handedly to help others who the world forgot or put aside. His commitment to make sick children smile and dream was probably more important to him than any award the industry could ever create or present him.

Here is a story of a young 12 year old boy in Germany who, on the opening day of This is It, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Young Joshua believes so much in Michael and his love, Joshua entered a contest to have his dot next to Michael's dot for Michael's Tribute Portrait.

The story has pinged across the world many times over. PLEASE go read this story. It will remind you of the L.O.V.E. Michael shared with us and in his death, has reunited his fans to continue his legacy.

We love you more Michael.

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