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Thursday, December 24, 2009

FANS: Michael and Christmas for years to come

This morning I posted the following on MJ's Sony site.

What will each of you be doing tomorrow to remember Michael on the 6th month anniversary and Christmas? Has anyone thought about each year we will mark Christmas not just for the symbol it represents but now the X year and 1/2 anniversary of his passing? Feels almost like we need to put together something where we all come together somehow each Christmas in his name--

Something like a worldwide charity campaign that brings toys and/or food to children in need in our own community. What do you all think about that? Obviously too late for this year, but we could start working on it for next. We'd have to come up with a name... oh the possibilities are racing through my head!

The more I've been thinking, more ideas are flooding my brain cells. Give some thought to the idea and post your comments here. Would you be a part of this?

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  1. With MJ in mind, I made several of my gifts to family and friends this Christmas donations in their honor to Heifer International. I'll continue to "make a change" as often as I can. Your idea for an organized effort at Christmas sounds just right. Michael would approve.

  2. Thank you Roonknit for sharing your contribution to "making a change". If each of us make one little change, imagine the different world we would live in. Marry Christmas to you and warm wishes for a wonderful new year.

  3. Tomorrow I'll be lighting my special MJ candle and saying a prayer for his children, family, friends, and fans.

    For future Christmas tributes, I'm thinking a toy drive, maybe each of us for our local children's hospital and/or orphanage. Will have to give more thought to that after I get thru this holiday season, though.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and many blessings throughout the New Year!

    ~MiMi (aka fleurdemimi)