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Saturday, December 26, 2009

OPUS: Amazon selling Pre-Order MJ Opus for $156.87

We were assured by Jeff Wald, President of Opus Media Group that B&N acted without permission from Opus to sell MJ's Opus for $134.99 .  He mentioned that would be selling the Opus soon.

Appears is prepared, according to this screen-grab located here taken today. Thank you to a MJ fan for sharing this with us!

Order your MJ Opus for the low low price of $156.87. Oh, and FREE shipping!

(click to enlarge)

UPDATE:  March 14th-- Sometime in February, removed the ordering information for the cheaper $156.87 MJ Opus.  They had no authorization whatsoever to post the sale of the Opus at that price.  It appears in combination with legal communications on behalf of those responsible for the contract with Michael's Estate (not Kraken Opus UK) and phone calls from MJ fans explaining there were Federal Trade Commission complaints, finally removed the unauthorized sale page.

If you see The Michael Jackson Opus for sale anywhere by anyone other than a fan, selling this MJ Opus in bulk, for a price less than $249.99 (or $229-special deal for Ticketmaster and maybe Sony), PLEASE email me with the link to that page.

FYI and thank you!


  1. Another online retailer selling this @ a discounted price?! I did in fact receive my OPUS btw on the 23rd. Opened the door to see it propped on it! Thank God, it was on the hinge side or I might've swung the door open, sending it crashing onto the cement.. Have you heard of others complaining about the quality? I, myself, have heard of 2 other people that had actual damage to the inside of the book. I figure on top of the Amazon outrage, people will be coming out of the woodwork w/ more stories now that we've all had a little time to go through the book. I'm so upset that the memorial wall wasn't included as I so wanted to see that. I don't care what they say about it not being included since it had already been viewed by the public. I don't believe it! While I'm at it, there's actual very little pics from the last few years...or is that just my warped personal opinion? Also, has anyone else noticed just how awkward it is trying to turn the pages with just one glove? I found it virtually impossible to grab the pages and turn them...I know I'm coming off as really negative in this post. Don't get me wrong, I adore the book. But I do believe there are still some details that need to be worked out.

  2. Jane,

    Yes... not really sure what to think about it honestly. WOW.. good thing you looked. I know when mine arrived, no one rang or knocked so it was good that I heard a rustle or I would not have known it was there (since it arrived later in the evening). Yes, I have heard of a few who received damaged books or clamshells, however I don't hold Opus at fault for that --meaning, it happens. I am sure there will be a way to exchange damaged goods posted or worked out. I flipped through mine the evening I received it just to ensure there was no damage in case I need to contact them within a set time. Nothing wrong here. I agree about the Memorial-- I'm hoping somewhere there can be a solution to that. Yes, they chose to include pictures of Michael but keep it positive and not include controversy of the last decade. As a judgment call, I think we have so many available to us via the internet that the earlier ones are going to be more treasured-- or is that just me? The glove-- I'm hearing many are saying the glove --whether 1 or 2 would be used are a pain in the butt! Some have gotten something with more friction because of the higher quality and thickness of the paper which makes it easier to turn. After I actually *saw* the glove, I decided mine will be kept in the wrapper to keep it as a Tribute and will purchase a set. I'm a little less upset about that. The memorial... eh, I did really want that. The price.. a little steam is still coming out especially with B&N and Amazon selling for less than original Pre order. sigh... I really just want everyone to get their Opus' so I can look at mine soon! LOL