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Friday, December 11, 2009

UPDATE: Opus delivery date

For those of you who ordered your Opus' through either Kraken Opus directly or Ticketmaster, here is the recent email I received about the new delivery date- December 18th (for those orders prior to December 1).

Dear customer,

As publisher of The Official Michael Jackson Opus, the Opus Media Group would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the extraordinary and unprecedented demand for what we believe is a fitting tribute to a true legend.

We wanted to provide you with a delivery update for your Opus. Following the hugely successful launch of The Official Michael Jackson Opus in Los Angeles earlier this week, inclement weather conditions and customs intervention have caused us to adjust our shipping schedule slightly for the Opus. Below is the updated Opus shipping schedule:

For Opus orders placed before December 1:
Rest assured that your Opus will be delivered well before Christmas and, in the majority of cases, by December 18 2009. To help you better track your package, once your order is fulfilled, you will be sent a shipping email and tracking code from Fedex, either later today or early next week.

For Opus orders placed December 2 and after:
Opus Media Group will make every effort possible to ensure these are also delivered before Christmas, but we can only guarantee delivery before Christmas for orders placed before December 1. To help you better track your package, once your order is fulfilled, you will also be sent a shipping email and tracking code from Fedex.

We know your Official Michael Jackson Opus will provide you with beautiful and lasting memories of Michael Jackson. We sincerely thank you for your patronage and your patience.

Have a great holiday.

*email and signature redacted*


  1. On September 25, 2009 I bought the The Official Michael Jackson Opus as pre-sales in Ticketmaster. A various month ago I wrote to and and I have not received any response. I have not yet received a notice where say if they have sent the OPUS. I'm worried about my order. This was supposed to be a Christmas present. But it's been fourth months since it was supposed to come out on December 15, 2009. I feel that this is fraud so I will be forced to make a claim of fraud and money claim. I wonder what is happening with the order because I have not received yet. I hope I can be resolved quickly. Thanks.

  2. Anybody get the reality part yet?