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Sunday, December 20, 2009

OPUS: Rolling Stone Magazine article

Located here dated September 25, 2009:

The publishers of The Official Michael Jackson Opus, an enormous multi-platform biography dedicated to the King of Pop, appeared yesterday on the Today show to showcase the project’s large scope and the groundbreaking technology that helped Kraken Opus secure Michael’s approval in the weeks before he died. The book was also sanctioned and approved by Jackson’s estate following his death. Kraken Opus previously published Prince’s 21 Nights book. The Official Michael Jackson Opus will be released on December 7th.

The book itself is massive, weighing in at 26.5 pounds with 400 pages measuring 18″ by 13″. The Opus features unseen photographs and essays about the King of Pop written by those who knew him best, plus a leather-bound “clam-shell” case. But the biggest draw, which Al Roker discovered in the video above, is something called “augmented reality,” or “Opus Reality” as the company calls it. By heaving some photos in this 26.5 pound book in front of your computer, via Webcam, the pages will come alive, with both video and music appearing on your screen while you hold the book up to it. “It’s never been done before, it’s unprecedented, and it’s something that Michael really bought into,” publisher Karl Fowler told The Today Show.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this behemoth, you might want to act fast: The Opus is available for pre-order now at £109/$165, but that price will jump to £218 starting September 30th. Also, there will only be a first edition of the book. According to the Opus Website, “Once the current print run has sold out, there will never be a 2nd edition. This will ensure that your Official Michael Jackson Opus retains its long term value.” The book also comes with a pair of white gloves that, while seeming like it’s a tribute to Jackson’s sequined gloves, should actually “be worn whilst viewing your copy to help maintain its mint condition.”

Below is a video with Karl Fowler, CEO, Opus Media Group, on The Today Show with Al Roker. Uploaded August 12, 2009.


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