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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Have you recieved your Michael's Opus yet?

(original post date December 19)
Today I went to Michael's official site through Sony, and saw a comment (below- from darnold) that others who ordered their Opus in December have already received their books, yet some of us who ordered the book through Ticketmaster back in August, have not received them.

So, if you pre-ordered, please answer:
1. When did you order (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, etc)
2. When did you received it (date)
3. What *country* you are in (USA, Germany, Japan, etc)
4. Where you ordered it (Ticketmaster, Opus, Barnes & Nobles, etc)
5. Was there 1, 2 or no gloves
6. Is there a Centerfold of Michael's memorial wall signing from LA Staples
7. Was there an Opus Reality Card (yes/no)
Fri, 12/18/2009 - 18:52 — darnold
I am so pissed right now I don't know what to do. I pre-ordered on AUGUST 15th through Ticketmaster. I still don't have my book and I haven't received my email saying it was shipped either. Now I come here and see where one person ordered theirs on DECEMBER 5 and they already have theirs?!!!!?????? I just went to the Opus website and their FAQ has a question "for problems with Ticketmaster orders, contact Ticketmaster" and yet I've read here where people have contacted Ticketmaster and they know nothing about anything???? I think this is a scam for people to request their low pre-order price to be refunded, and then re-order from someone else (more reputable) at the higher price. I checked my Ticketmaster account the other day and the event date said 12/31/ it says 1/30/10. You'd better believe I'm calling them bright and early tomorrow morning and cuss someone out!!!!!

UPDATE: I have located a reputable article (Rolling Stones) that quoted directly from Opus' site about the gloves (before it was removed). Click here for more details.

Also, here is a UK news video advance look at the Opus from December 9. At least we can watch this video until we get our books. *growls*


  1. Hi. I saw your post on I'm ann onymous there. Yes, I ordered from ticket master the first or second day it was available. I received mine two days ago (Thursday). I live in NYC. I feel your pain. It seems as if Opus' customer service sucks. Michael would have been none too happy with how they're treating some of his fans.

  2. Hi,

    I ordered my Opus on 8/29 and received it 12/15. I didn't get the email either; it just showed up one day. It's great!
    Hang in there, you'll get yours.
    Sounds like they never expected the interest that this has generated and they didn't quite know how to handle the worldwide purchases.

  3. I ordered my opus from the opus site on 10/26 & still haven't received it! This is messed up the people who pre ordered where guaranteed to have it delivered first!! I emailed them at least 4 times with no reply but I got the same email one user posted earlier. Who the hell do I complain to if they're not answering my email ugh!!!!

  4. Hey ann onymous. Thanks for the comment. I've since called Ticketmaster who implied they are mailing them in batches according to last name rather than order date. I have emailed Opus directly, as well as the customer service department for Ticketmaster. We'll see what they say.

    Thanks again!

    @Anonymous #2 Glad to hear that some are getting them. Funny how they are being shipped. Can't imagine they didn't think there would be interest in MJ's book but certainly they haven't handled the service end well so far.

    Will keep my fingers crossed it comes before the end of January.

    @Anonymous #3-- I feel your pain. I will post the email I just sent to Opus (along with the email addresses I was given). Maybe that will help. I will keep this site updated with information as I find it. At least we can sit in the corner together and cry we don't have our books.

  5. Don't they know the fans will talk? Here's the emails I was given.

    Does anyone have other emails for any of the venders?

  6. @ Cali MJ Fan

    I was on another MJ board and someone posted an email address for a contact at Kraken who told her to let anyone who is having trouble with Ticketmaster know about his contact info and he would work to resolve the problem. I think she said he is the publishing manager at Kraken. His email is

    I emailed Kraken's customer care twice on Friday and I never received a response. I went to a MJ forum and say Andy's contact info and what good results he was getting for some of the posters.

    I then called Fed Ex and Ticketmaster this morning and the Fed Ex rep said they had nothing for me in their system and the Ticketmaster rep told me that my book wasn't going to go out till the end of the year! That was the last straw and I went ahead and emailed Andy.

    I can say that I emailed him my story complete with all my frustrations at 9:30 this morning (Saturday) and within 20 minutes he had emailed me back stating that the book would go out Monday from Chicago and I'd get it by Wednesday. He said he'd email my tracking # on Monday when he got to work because he was replying to my email from home. He also said he'd address all my concerns in a more in depth email on Monday.

    So anyone who has concerns and is getting the runaround from Ticketmaster, email Andy!

    I'll also come back to this board on Monday and report whether Andy followed up with the tracking info and I'll be back on Wednesday to let you guys know if I do indeed receive my book.

    Take care everyone!!

  7. I forgot to sign my name to my post above....


  8. @ California MJ Fan:

    You said Ticketmaster is mailing batches by name? Are they starting with the Z's? My name starts with A and I ordered on 8/15, should have been in one of the first batches either way but still no book!


  9. @ darnold
    She made it sound like they were mailing them in batches by last name, rather than date of purchase. I explained that people who had ordered on Dec 5th already have their books and people like you and me who ordered Day 1, still don't have ours. My 'event date" showed Janaury 30th-- which enraged me. She had no idea -- just gave me the other 2 emails to write. I got a reply back from Ticketmaster's --that said, "you should hear back from us in 24 hours unless we're really busy"... Oyvey! I ignored it and wrote to Andy while I was still hot under the collar.

    Thanks again so much for sharing and following up!

  10. You know, I saw Kraken's email about their decision to only include 1 glove instead of 2 with the MJ Opus. Since I read or heard somewhere that the gloves are for protective purposes (so you don't get oil on the pages) it makes no sense that they would send just 1 because of the "iconic" explanation. If they wanted to only include 1 glove because MJ only wore 1 glove, why not make it a sequined glove????? This makes absolutely no sense. They are just trying to save money. Now I'm going to have to go out and buy a PAIR of cotton gloves so I can protect my investment. If the "icon" explanation is true for MJ, why not send ZERO gloves with the Prince opus? He never wore ANY gloves. What a bunch of losers.

    By the way, I spent an hour this morning looking for the explanation for sending two gloves and I could not find it. Sorry about that.


  11. Thanks darnold for all the follow up and comments. I've been scouring the web for other fan comments (not just from Sony's site) and also digging through pictures I downloaded (like the one that Ticketmaster STILL has up showing 2 gloves come with the book).

    The issue bottom line, at least for me, is that when we ordered these books, they advertised 2 gloves (to protect the investment), a Opus Reality Card, delivery before Christmas (and backed that up with the email saying those who ordered before December 1 would get it by the 18th-- or at least before Christmas).

    Another thing I remember and only found 1 or 2 comments on is that there was to be a pullout centerfold of the signed Memorial wall - the one in front of Staples that everyone signed in July. Someone at Barnes & Nobles (I think) said it is not in there-- so that is just another thing promised and not delivered.

    Thanks again for looking for the information on the glove. I think if we all band together we might get everything we did pay for-- but more importantly, to stop some of these companies from trying to give us things and then assume we will be happy to just have part of it.

    Michael would be more than appalled at this and it is up to his fans to ensure the quality of anything in his name by any vendor is first class. MJ never did anything half-assed and would be pissed that Prince got 2 gloves and his fans were ripped off to save a few bucks with just one.

    Thanks again so very much and Merry Christmas to you!

  12. By the way-- here is the email I received from Ticketmaster yesterday in reply to my complaint (they sent at 11:40am PT):
    Thank you for your e-mail. Your message has been forwarded to one of our Customer Service Representatives who will be happy to assist you. You should receive a reply within 24 hours; however, due to fluctuations in email volume, there may be a slight delay. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    If your event is within 4 hours, and you have not heard from us, please contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at your local Charge-by-Phone number. A list of charge-by-phone numbers can be found at

    While you are waiting for our response, you may find the following information helpful.

    - Need to confirm your order?
    No need to wait for our response. You can confirm your order, including event information, seat locations, prices, delivery options as well as fulfillment status, using the order confirmation feature at, which can be accessed at:

    - Have not received your tickets?
    If you have not received your tickets and have not heard from us within four hours of your event, please contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at your local charge-by-phone number. A list of charge-by-phone numbers can be found at

    If you selected UPS delivery when you placed your order and need tracking information, please visit and use their track by reference number feature. Your order number can be used as a reference number, when using this feature. Please do not include any characters which might follow the numeric portion of your order number.

    - Need to update your "My Ticketmaster" information or change your newsletter preferences?
    Visit "My Ticketmaster" at

    We hope you found this information helpful. You will be receiving a reply from one of our customer care representatives shortly. Thanks again for contacting us. We take pride in the service we provide and want to ensure a simply superior level of support to valuable customers like you.

  13. California MJ Fan:

    I seem to remember something about a pull out section as well. For the life of me I can't remember where I've heard or seen half the things I've learned, I've read/watched so much in the last 6 months. Anyway, I read the article you posted from Rolling Stone about the 2 gloves and the explanation and I think that's the article I read because I remember the particular wording "the gloves should be worn WHILST....." Good detective work! Here's hoping we all receive our Opus shortly!


  14. darnold

    Hi there. I found the picture of the pullout of the Memorial Wall - it is just below the Rolling Stone article. The highlighted in red on the Rolling Stones article is quote from Opus' site.

    We're getting there. BTW, I haven't heard back at all from Andy. Maybe I wrote him too late yesterday so I'll hope tomorrow I hear something.

    Keep everyone posted.

  15. Here's an interesting MJ Forum conversation about contacting our local TV stations who do consumer fraud segments and reporting this across the nation!

    Someone is turning up the heat!

  16. This is was posted on a thread (that is now missing) from MJFC about complaints. I saved a copy of the page from cached search. the poster's name is ucantimagine
    Today I received this email from Kraken Opus. (see below) If you feel like me, this it totally unacceptable and dishonest. The publisher has "decided" to not give MJ's fans what they paid for. The interactive card that was touted on the Today Show and other programs and websites, was a big selling point for me. It was like something from a Harry Potter movie. Now, after selling over 20,000 units in pre-order alone, they are omitting this feature from the Opus. I am not going to just let them rip me off.

    I have already contacted the today show -, channel 3 news in CT -, and abc's consumer protection division via phone at 1-877-765-8333. I will continue to urge media outlets to get the word out about this company's deceptive practices.

    As many of you may already know, people have already complained about not being able to reach Kraken via phone and about emails going unanswered. If you want what you paid for, please contact your local news stations and/or the news outlets I mentioned.

    As a side note, this person was jumped all over by other MJ fans since they consider not getting the Opus Reality card a "non-issue". Well, ucantimagine, if you read this-- You are MORE than WELCOME here !! Good for you! We are doing the same thing, because it wasn't just the card... Opus DID change a lot of things that they advertised we would get! Good thinking about the Today show. I'll get that posted too.

  17. Terms and Conditions on Opus' website.

  18. I forgot to post my name but I am anonymous #3 & I just wanted to update you guys that after 8 email attempts to every available opus email contact I received my shipping confirmation from fedx today with a delivery date of 12/23 talk about right before Christmas! These guys are jerks with poor customer service & us fans need to follow through on every complaint to who ever will listen. So now I sent & wait for nearly half the product I payed for. Michael would be pissed if he knew they were ripping his fans off!!!!

  19. Dominique,

    Thank you for writing. Places we have heard to complain (from whatever country you are in) is the Federal Trade Commission. (Informaiton is posted below this post here). Also many are focusing on NBC and the Today show since it was the interview with Al Roker that introduced Michael's Opus to us.

    Keep posted here-- I'll be keeping this blog updated -and right now there is more information than I can handle... but I'll keep after it...


  20. OK, so I promised to come back here today to let you know my progress. I didn't get my tracking email first thing this morning like I thought I would. Since London is 5 hours ahead of me, I thought when I woke up at 6 a.m. I'd have the email, since it was 11 a.m. in London. You guessed it, no email. I waited until 11 a.m. (4 p.m. London time) and emailed Andy again. And I've learned that honey gets better results than vinegar so I was very humble, said I didn't want to be a nuisance, was just reminding him, know he has a lot on his mind with the customs & shipping problems :) Within 10 minutes I received the email with shipping info. I have checked and it it now in transit from Illinois. I should have it by Wednesday. In the meantime, I went to the MJ Fan Club forum and learned about the errors that fans are starting to find in the Opus! :( I truly believe that if MJ were still with us, this WOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE HAPPENING!! I just feel so sad for his legacy and his children that this is happening. These events just make it seem like he's being taken advantage of all over again!! OK, I have to stop before I REALLY get depressed.

    I promised to come back once I receive the Opus and I will. I will post all the pertinent info at that time (when I ordered, where I live, etc.)

    See you on Wednesday (the promised date of receipt.


  21. I posted this to another comment but I'll post the same thing here.

    I went to this morning and they updated my expected delivery date to TODAY!!! (12/22). The book is on the truck and is out for delivery.

    I read on another site that Kraken is now shipping the books overnight express, which they must be because it just shipped out of Chicago yesterday afternoon and it's already in Michigan, out for delivery.

    I can't wait to get it! I'll come back and post when I actually receive it.


  22. Yay darnold! Be sure to check all the pages. One fan on said that one of her pages was ripped out and missing. Sigh Did you see the post about now there seems to be errors too? *cries*

    I just replied to your other post too-- more on there. FYI-- I read the email from Kraken is from Andy-- stock generic email not even a word about my complaint emails. Hope they address the other issues too but I'm sure they are scurying around trying to at least meet the "before Christmas" promise.

    Thanks for keeping us posted and enjoy your MJ Opus.

  23. Oh my (about the ripped out missing page). And yeah, I heard about the errors.....hmmmmm, do you think they'll ever print a "corrected" copy? Anyway, if they ever do, I think this original, errors and all, will be worth so much more in the years to come because it was the original printing. Oh well, it's just irksome. He was a perfectionist and this book seems far from perfect. It just seems like, even in death, so many companies, people, the media, etc. etc. have no respect for Michael. I know in my heart that this would have turned out so much differently if he were still here. :(


  24. So, I just received my Opus!!!

    1. I ordered August 15
    2. I received it December 22
    3. I'm in Michigan in the US
    4. I ordered from Ticketmaster
    5. There was 1 glove
    6. There was no Centerfold of Michael's memorial wall signing from LA Staples however there was a centerfold pull out of Michael dressed as Charlie Chaplin....beautiful
    7. There was no Opus Reality Card

    Now on to the Opus. It's absolutely gorgeous and VEEERRRRRRYYYYY heavy. I flipped through the whole thing looking at all the pictures and all I can say is gorgeous, magnificent, truly worth the wait.

    I'm off work for the next 5 days and I'm going to go back through it and start reading it and if (when) I find errors I will be back with page numbers and error explanations.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and here's hoping EVERY ONE of you receives the Opus before Christmas.


  25. Well, here's the kicker.....

    I was just going to throw the box that the Opus came in out in the garbage and I looked at the shipping label. It says it was shipped on 12/18, last Friday and it was shipped Ground. So I'm thinking if I hadn't emailed Andy and gotten the tracking number from him, it would have just shown up on my door step without any tracking email, like so many others have received theirs. Boy, what happened to truth in advertising? Didn't our original receipt say we would receive an email when the book shipped? OK, I'm just going to calm down......


  26. darnold

    AWESOME! You got it! YAY! Thanks for the update on the questions. Ummm, ground you say? So, did they see the comments around, the amount of emails being sent as complaints and then jumped on the ball? That certainly might explain many getting theirs without the tracking information. But weird yours shipped Friday but didn't you get the tracking that it was sent 12/21?

    This whole this is so confusing.

    Enjoy it! Thank you again for all your help and follow up. You have been such a great help to so many!


  27. Update: with as much trouble as most of us had with our opus experience, I must admit I simply cannot contain my excitement! I just received my book & I'm over joyed with it. This book is huge & heavy! It's beautiful gorgeous even a stunning tribute to a man who deserves it most!
    RIP MJ
    P.S. Just want to let you guys know I am continuing with my complaint about the one glove & no reality card. I was so excited to see & show off this feature what a dissapointment.

  28. Thanks for the update Dominique! Fabulous that you got it. Enjoy and yes... I agree with your sentiment (although I have only inspected it to make sure it wasn't damaged.)... my next post will

  29. 1. August 15th, 6:15pm
    2. December 23, 2009
    3. USA
    4. Ticketmaster
    5. 1 glove
    6. No - Centerfold is MJ as Charlie Chaplin.
    7. No Opus Reality card, no comment even about it.

    Finally-- at least I know now it is safe. I can't wait till everyone gets theirs. Then I'll read it cover to cover.

    Dominique, thank you for commenting about goig on with the OR and glove. Merry Christmas!