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Friday, March 5, 2010

The BEST laugh I have ever had! ENJOY!

(I have laughed so hard I have peed myself a few times reading this!)  REAL DEAL!

( its from a Spanish customer to OMG ):
"I tell you what, the order date is 30/JAN/2009 and today is 5/MARCH/2010, it's 2 months and 5 days, AND I HAVE NOTHING!!!
This time is more than specificated on the laws. I have rights to make a complaint in comisary. If you don't reply me saying a date to receive my opus, I will go to police. If you tell me a date to receive the opus and in this date I have nothing, I'll go to police.You are warned. You are playing with me and I will not consent. You don't know with whom you are dealing with.

Me and all the Michael Jackson fans who made a order, will destroy your email account with thousands and thousands of mails

Is there a contact number with which I can call you please?

KarlKarl Fowler
Kraken Opus"

so, the customer answers Karl:

"No, there is not a telephone number. And I don't speak english so good, I'm using translator software.
If you have to say something to me, do it with the same method than me, via e-mail.

I don't have to say nothing. All I have to do is to communicate this fraud to the police if you don't give TO US (ALL EUORPE AND THE WORLD) our MJ Opus.
We have rights, you know? And I will continue sending thousands and thousands of e-mails if you dont GIVE US THE OPUS!! Tell us where are OUR opus,.... AND DO IT RIGHT NOW. Because you are the only who can do it. If you don't do it is because you don't want to. Is so sad to think there are people like you in the world. And all we need is a solvent person.

Reply me via e-mail. But, if you want to talk with somebody who speak english, I can give you lots of telephon numbers of people who are in the same situation like me, people from who speak english very well. They have some things to say to you.

We -- are -- not-- going ----to ---stop--- 'til---get ----our---OPUSES!!!!!!!!!! *


Karls response:

"Your MJ Opus will be with you delivered by FedEx this coming week, no later that Thursday 12th March.
I will be able to email you on Tuesday morning 10th March to advise you of your FedEx tracking number and the time of delivery on the 12th March.

Thank you
KarlKarl Fowler
Kraken Opus

and then Karl again:

I don't want to argue with and I don't want to fight and I don't want to make the situation worse than it is. All I wish to do is make sure that you receive your opus this coming week as I have said in my last email. That is my only goal. The only reason I asked to call you was so that I could tell you this myself calmly and sincerely, that was all and not to cause to anymore negative feelings.

I will email you again on tuesday with the up to date information as promised.

Best and have a nice weekend.

KarlKarl Fowler
Kraken Opus


  1. I made my order on 9/12/09 and I have still got nothing. "I have no words. My voice is in my sword." -- Shakespeare

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! Just read this for probably the dozenth time.... and it still makes me LOL!!

  3. @Lavender,

    I know you and everyone are beyond frustrated. I truly hope this works, and the promises will be backed up with action.

    If not, we have more options still available us. Remember that!


    I swear I am starting out every morning reading this email. It will make me laugh for years to come. It is I swear the FUNNIEST thing I have EVER read!

    Much L.O.V.E. to you both and everyone!

  4. LOL... this is STILL the funniest thing EVER!

    Just curious... did this customer actually receive their Opus on March 12th as promised?

  5. Honestly I dodn't know if they did or not. The email was forwarded to me from someone. Yes I still laugh my backside off when I read it.

    I think the customer did get their Opus but it wasn't as quick as promised.

    I might be posting the email Karl sent to Velvet... OH, you wanna talk about MAD! In all of these, it just shows his knee jerk reaction and detachment from emotion. Bully, that's all he is. A school ground bully.

    MJ Fans are so creative though. Made me think of the ones who had the banner flying over the courthouse in LA for the last hearing with Murray. Then, viola-- there's some flying over Augusta for Tiger. Copycats! lol

    (actually, who was the ex boyfriend of someone in Malibu I think it was-- that flew the banner over the beach.. can't remember. They were really the first ones I've heard in a celebrity case who did something like that)... but still. MJ fans did it first this week. LMAO

  6. I completely agree... School ground bully is the perfect description for him! If he would only put as much energy into trying to fix this mess, maybe he could accomplish something. He seems to waste a lot of time just being rude to his customers. He really doesn't get it, does he?

    MJ fans ARE the BEST! I loved the MJ banner...and thought the same thing about the one for Tiger.. COPYCATS! lol

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!...Its the funniest thing I have ever read!!...and every time I read it it make laugh to dead!!!!...WOW ( bowing to this fan !)...Patti you are right!..MJ fans are the best!!!
    Well, Cali is right, the "call the police " customer got his OPI,but one day after that what he was your own conclusions...someone likes to be treated that way ???...or WTF??
    Seriously...I wonder why people dont just do things in the way that they should be done!...all would be easier...happier...a happy customer is a customer who will recomend the company to others!,and that is the best publicity!!!...ITS SIMPLE...VERY SIMPLE...OMG!!!

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  9. OH! sorry! two times the same post!...GRRRR...I cant erase the second one...Something strange is happening here...I think I will call Volos army!!!...Hmmm...BB are you here???...scary...haha!!!

  10. I could erase it !!!!Finally... WTF??? HAHAHA!!!...