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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NYTram finally got his Opus!

OH I AM DANCING !!! I am soooo happy!

NYTram was one of the first people who I started helping, along with the customers in Russia and Ukraine, for the delivery of their Opus. Russia and Ukraine are the only countries from the original shipping still outstanding. We are still working on those and I will update after I have my conference call with Kraken Opus UK later today.

But for right now, I am so happy to report NYTram FINALLLY got his Opus today!

So did M. from Sweden. A. from Netherlands. S. from Italy. A. and G. from Germany.

Of course the other day, our lil Ana from republic of Georgia also got hers.

Now, we are still waiting on individual orders: 2 in the Philippines (plus one replacement), a few in Hong Kong, Australia, Puerto Rico, India, Israel, UAE, Saudia Arabia.. these are just off the top of my head. I'll look closer later this afternoon.

Argentina's orders are still in country, but haven't yet been delivered. They are supposed to be delivered this afternoon. Will update when reports come in to confirm delivery.

Ok.. have to run. But that's what I know at the moment. Remember everyone, please remain patient. They are coming. This isn't perfect but we are getting there!

Much L.O.V.E.


  1. IM so happy about NYTRAM!!!, wow!!!, finally, all Michaels fans are getting their OPIS!!!, this is magical!,we have walk a long way and finally...the magic is happening...
    All of us did this come true but you were and still are our voice CALI!!, so...
    Thank you CALI!!

  2. You're right Velvet , it's happening and it's awesome!!!:):):)
    I wonder if Lulu got hers.

    Cali love you


  3. Yes... I'm so happy for NYTRAM and all of those that are receiving their Opi... it's been a long way, and we made the hardest part together (the easier part was when we knew the Opus wasn't released yet)... CONGRATS NYTRAM!!!!

    And for Russia, Ukraine... and VELVET... just a little more patience... because this week is THE week!!!

  4. Thank you so much Cali and all of the great people who i met on the forums!!
    Like i said earlier without you Cali, i had my doubts about getting my Opus at all.

    Hoping that you'll get your Opus soon Velvet,,

  5. Hi Cali! I am from Argentina, I am a friend of velvet. We were told that our Opus will be deliveried on Friday, and we think this time is truth ! At least the books are in Argentina hahaha. Thank you very much for all you have done for us !

  6. Today i have open finally after 3 month of waiting my Opus!!
    Speechless, I am speechless, speechless
    That's how the Opi make me feel.

    It's HUGE, heavy and at the same time the most beautiful book I ever seen.
    The sheer size of the book is overwhelming.
    When I hold it in my arms. I feel .. Michael is totally alive!!
    All what I felt against OMG... it disappear.
    My girlfriend isn't a fan of MJ. She likes a few of his songs. but she can't wait to read the whole opus.

    I have seen a couple of the pics online and watched people opening theirs on youtube,
    but it's nothing like when you get it for yourself.
    I will cherish this magnificent book forever!

    Cali, a true angel, once again... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
    You really spread everybody with Michael´s L.O.V.E
    Nobody but you, helped me and others to have this 'A piece of art!' in our homes and hearts.