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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Justice4MJ and MJFSC

It is almost that time again for the MJFSC (Southern California Fan Club) to go to Forest Lawn to deliver messages of L.O.V.E. to Michael from fans around the world . They have been going each month since December, and each month something new and interesting happens.

Q = Why on the 3rd of each month?
A = To mark the day Michael was layed to rest.

Q = Can I mail something for them to deliver?
A = Simply put, yes. There have been flowers delivered, gifts, hand drawn art, homemade cards and posters, teddy bears, etc. See the links in this post for previous visits and here about meeting Debbie Rowe.

Q = Where can I send my mail?
A = Address your mail here:
MJ Mail
2470 Stearns Street #202
Simi Valley, California 93063

Q = Is this the same fanclub who made the Justice4MJ tees and hoodies?
A = Yes as a matter fact it is made of many of the same members of MJFSC (if not all). Did you buy the Justice4MJ tee/hoodie? Send them your picture wearing it so they can put it on their website! Check out others who have!

Q = Who can I contact if I want to attend outside the courthouse during Murray's trial?
A = Send a tweet to @justice_4mj
Also, they have a Faceook page.

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