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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Track those Opuses!

Ok, everyone who has tracking numbers right now, this will be like a fun lottery watching Santa Claus fly around the world on Christmas.

Please keep us updated on where your Opus is.  Imagine your Opus is on a tour of the world, and what they might be seeing or doing in the city they are in.

I hear many are in Paris.

Ready............ GO!


  1. They LOVE french coffee and croissants!!!! And they can't go home without seeing the Eiffel Tower... that will be a crime...

    If we write a book title "The adventures of Opi" we will be number 1 all around the world...

  2. Wow!! Paly!! I think the same related to the Opi adventure book!! It will be a best seller!!, but we will have to separate it into different chapters!!, according all our different stories...HAHA!!
    ohhh!!! Eiffel Tower...french coffee and croissants...Champs Ellisses....Paris...I bet that the Opis are doing a city tour there!!!

  3. now: In transit STANSTED GB
    Estimated delivery: Mar 22, 2010 by 6:00 PM FRANKFURT AM MAIN DE
    yay!!!! :O)

  4. Paris and Germany... oh now you all are making me hungry!

  5. Mar 19, 2010 6:39 AM
    At dest sort facility

    Here's mine, but ..Did it return in UK again? ....It was in Paris.Or maybe I don't know the geography well...


  6. Mine too decided to take a weekend trip to Paris, strolling along Rive Gauche, inhaling some spring air before coming home to snowy Sweden (well here it's Spring equinox tomorrow so it will not have to suffer for so long). Let's hope it doesn't find its way to Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, buying so much Haute couture that the FedEx guy refuses to carry it up the stairs to my house! He will probably be sweating anyway...