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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday morning MJ's Opus update

This is just to tell everyone I have seen all your emails and am working on getting replies to each of you. Please be patient in the deliveries of your Opuses (aka Opi). I have been getting a LOT of confirmations of deliveries for some folks-- while others are still waiting. Am I confident yours are coming? YES. Are you going to have to exercise a lot of willpower with patience? YES.

I know this is a very frustrating situation for everyone-- believe me, I reallly reallly do. But here's a story to remind us to look at the bright side.

I got an email from a Prince fan about the 21 Nights Prince Opus. Those who pre-ordered for Prince's Opus, shelled out $2,100 EACH. There has been no update on theirs since October. I'm awaiting confirmation if ANY of Prince's fans have received their Opus at all. Since Prince's Opus is a limited edition (limited to 950 worldwide copies) and the fact it is still on Kraken's website-- I'm guessing that not all of the copies have been purchased. But still, that is some serious clamshells! $2,100.

As I am also a Prince fan and have been since 1981, I will be happy to help them however I can.

SO... remember, look on the brightside right now. We have confirmations that ours have and are being delivered/shipped. Just be happy you didn't shell out $2100 clams!

Will update more as I hear later today!
Much L.O.V.E.


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  2. "SO... remember, look on the brightside right now. We have confirmations that ours have and are being delivered/shipped. Just be happy you didn't shell out $2100 clams!"

    ...OH !!! DEAR !!! THAT IS SO TRUE !!! IF I HAD PAYED $ 21OO FOR AN ITEM AND I WOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT IT FOR THAT LONG TIME...WELL...AFTER MY HEART ATTACK AND COLLAPSE...if I survive...then... I can think in a lot of ***** !!!! HAHA!!!
    I wonder if any of these people know anything about bussiness...???...
    Im happier naw, because I havent spent so much money, and Im going to have my OPI in a day or two...Im a lucky person !!!...
    Thanks sweetie!, I feel better naw !!!,
    see ??...Im right!, you are a treasure!!

    March 24, 2010 12:32 PM

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  3. It is so cool that Michael has helped to negotiate the price of the Opus for us. If it has been something over $1000, I think many of us would just have to let it go. I feel so sorry for the Prince fans, for their frustrations and time spent on waiting. Kraken Opus is such a let-down company.

  4. ....."Am I confident yours are coming? YES. "....

    It's make me warmer... You are the only light for me now.

    ...."Are you going to have to exercise a lot of willpower with patience? YES. "....

    Okay. I will..
    I want to send you an email again because it's already passed Wednesday in Korea.I'm very worried about mind.
    I will exercise more and more >_<

    Please keep on updating.
    You really be my light, so I can look at the bright side cause of your light...

    Thanks a lot for everything you have done and still doing for us.

    Love is not enough

  5. KIB

    Try to SMILE. I know it's hard, but KEEP THE FAITH. Yours is coming. So are the others who are waiting.

    We're getting closer and closer every day.

    *changes the batteries in her light to make sure it stays bright*
    Much L.O.V.E.

  6. LOL LPPC! Well I check up on the Prince one. OH MY GOODNESS! At least based on the content on the Opus site, the pictures and such-- just as Paly said-- are the same as the book previously published in 2008 by Simon and Schuster.

    Interesting..... very interesting!


    It was a concern of MJ's that his fans could afford it, however it was not Michael who set the price. That was done by Mr. Wald in Los Angeles who worked with Michael before he died. It was done out of honor to Michael and as a fitting tribute to his legacy and for his children.

    This book is not the same one they starting to work on with Michael. There was one that was going to be about his O2 concerts. Then another spanning his whole career (would take 2 years to make it) and would weigh about 96 lbs.

    Hope that helps explain some of it.

  7. LOL CPC!!! I know, Paly was right!!! hmmmm, so interesting !!!...My teeth are getting larger and stronger...I dont know why...HAHA!!!...
    What a wonderful world...
    I have been watching earlier today the Jackson 5 Victory Tour, remember?, I L.O.V.E it!!!, I wonder why...

  8. Yes, I can't believe it honestly. WOW. Same stuff. Hmmm

    Oh yes I remember Victory Tour. Saw it in LA. Still have the ticket stubs.

    L.O.V.E. ya

  9. Thanks for explaining things for me. I remember reading some articles on the way Michael has negotiated with Kraken Opus and tried to make the book not too expensive for us and make sure that it can get to all of his fans. So I guess he have played a role in it more or less. But of course he wouldn't have any power to set the price; that would be an executive's decision for any company.

    I have heard of the Opus they planned to do originally too. Life is just so unpredictable, isn't it. Kraken Opus wouldn't have known it, nor Michael himself. We wouldn't have known it. Anyway....

    By the way, I am still yet to receive my Opus. I have sent an email to Lara to ask for updates a couple of days ago but she has not replied me. So what I can do is only www. Not world wide web, but WAIT WAIT WAIT. LOL~

  10. Hi Lavender,

    I just thought I'd explain the process as I was told. It has amazed me to talk to people who actually knew Michael, as Mr. Wald did.

    I hae said before I've learned more about this proces than I ever wanted to know, but I think it's a great lesson to know all the ins and outs of how these type of projects work. Makes for a better consumer... and more interesting too.

    As for your delivery-- Please know I am still on top of it. I wish I could have just flown to London, picked up the books and started a worldwide tour of deliveries myself. I am still getting confirmations so I am hopeful even though this week is drawing to a close soon.

    I'll keep you and everyone posted as soon as I hear from Andy & Karl.

    The wait is excrutiating!

  11. sweetie!!!...I have it !!!!!....LPPC is not going to open it until you open yours: ITS A PROMESS !!!