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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Debbie Rowe

MJFSC made their monthly visit to Holly Terrace at Forest Lawn yesterday.  There was a visitor there and the story is so wonderful.  God bless Debbie Rowe!

Please visit this link to Lisa Burks blog.

And if you read the story on TMZ-- you can see the difference from the information they "obtained" from MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath's site.


  1. Dear Cali,
    here I go again... crying...

    what a wonderful moment... spechless...

    Much L.O.V.E.

  2. Wasn't it. I have always been in her corner.

    TMZ sucks for the article they wrote about Debbie and used Lisa's pictures.



  4. Debbie said that she fears that the fans would hate her, and maybe some really do, but I always find myself feeling ambivalent about her. I don't think I have any sound reason to love or hate her. Somehow Lisa Marie Presley fascinates me more than she does.

    Gee I wish I can visit the Forest Lawn someday. It would be such a soul-touching experience.

  5. Just an update on this. TMZ was made aware of the true owner of the pictures (Lisa Burks) and they changed their post and did contact her directly and apologized. So yay-- I take back my "Booooo" about TMZ.

    Interesting note, apparently some other media has contacted Lisa directly asking her to sell or allow them to use her pictures outright-- and being a wonderful MJ fan-- she has turned down every one of the requests.

    Bless Lisa Burks!