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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hollywood Flash Mob with Travis Payne



  1. I absolutely positively L.O.V.E. Travis Payne! He has such a pure soul. His smile is so infectious.

    GREAT JOB TRAVIS and the 2 TII dancers I saw. You guys are AWESOME!

    PS. Next time make sure the camera person wips their lense first. LOL

  2. The giving spirit of MJ lives on! He must be grinning from ear to ear from above.

    Thank you Travis Payne and everyone -- let's keep L.O.V.E. flowing.

    Thanks for posting this, Cali. God bless you.

  3. This is amazing!!! Made me smile and cry at the same time!

    Thanks for posting, Cali.

  4. Are you going to be doing a flashmob on Hollywood Blvd? I would really like to see some fellow MJ fans there.. I'm going by myself and i hope to meet new people.