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Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday update with Karl Fowler/Opus

NyTram-- I'll be sending you an update via email on your Opus. Give me a bit to get it to you.

The Nate prints-- I don't have a status update on those yet, I am expecting that will be later in the week, perhaps Thursday. I promise that is on my written list of our issues.

For Brazil-- please make sure you have emailed your personal Tax ID number. This is URGENT. Please write in the subject line exactly this: BRAZIL TAX ID so Andy can sort them fast.

For Argentina and Brazil, waiting for an absolute confirmation date of delivery. Still on target right now for by Monday, perhaps sooner.

For Russia and Ukraine, these are still on target for delivery perhaps by Friday, latest Monday. For the one customer I know in republic of Georgia, I emailed you earlier. So you should be getting an email in the next day or two to get exact information, even though I know Andy has this already from your father calling beforehand. I just want to make sure there's no room for missing yours.

For Group 2 (my definition) -- the individuals in countries where deliveries have been made but yours was missed: If you use the UK as the center (Sam listen up), the closer you are to the UK, the sooner your delivery will be made. Except most to start on Wednesday. Then as you grow away from the center of the radius, then you go more towards Friday, Saturday and Monday March 15th.

Karl and I will be speaking daily for updates. I email Andy daily with individuals who are contacting me and he is looking each up. I will email you with what I've been sent. If I don't email you by the end of my day (US time) then I don't have anything yet. I can't publish the list (which would be easiest) because there is private customer information, so each email I must write personally to each person. This does take me a while to do, so please bare with me.

NYTram--I'll send yours as soon as I post this on the sites I do.

Everyone, please translate/copy and share with your other MJ forums. Also, if there is anyone other there who still doesn't have their MJ Opus, and has not contacted me yet, please email




    YOUR LPPC...WOW!!!

  2. WOW !!! this week or that week !!!I'll have my opus!!! :dancin': :D:D:D

    LOVE YOU CALI!!!:)

    P.S It's not about this topic, but I was just wondering, how old are all this people for our M.J community:)I'm 17( I think the littlest one:D) How old are you???:)

  3. It's so alleviator. Thank you so much for the updates. I can't believe that the wait is in the end.
    Your hard work is invaluable!!
    Again, thank you for you to be our voice!

    Pollyanna from Brazil

  4. silvia kolarova BulgariaMarch 22, 2010 at 7:03 AM

    my Opus arrived, thank you very much for your cooperation