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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MJ Opus deliveries

If you have gotten your MJ Opus, please either email me at or post a reply here so I know who is still needing followup.  I have only gotten 5 updates of delivery so far.

If you haven't gotten an email with Fed Ex/delivery tracking information, please either email me at or also leave a comment here.

(If you post via anonymous, please list your country and something I can tell who you are-- don't have to leave your name.. initials will work if I have been following up for you, I have your name.)

Here I think is my last official update from Friday early afternoon.  Only update to this is that everything was pushed back a day (received Friday night).  No updates since this time.  Hmmm.



  1. Cali I was getting nervous about you..:( thanks god you r ok :):):):*:*:*
    My shipment is just initiated, nothing special yet :(((waiting, waiting, waiting....


  2. Hi Cali,
    I pre-ordered my Opus last sept and still have yet to receive it. I finally have received a new tracking number and am anxiously waiting for it to be sent to Ireland. (its been sitting in a warehouse in the UK for the last 14 weeks - it better have been stored in appropriate conditions)

    I was starting to think it was a bit of a con tbh. but I wait in hope.

    DL - Ireland.

  3. My Thai friend (MJ thailand fanclub) ,live in UK, had a good new yesterday. She got her Opus.. Yeah!

    She has ordered it on December 22nd!!!!
    but me still have no anything >_<
    as you know my order was on December 17th.

    Oh, God~
    I need to be patient more and more.

    Hope it will come soon this week.