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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Latest Kraken MJ Opus Update--Friday

I have to make this kind of brief for right now because I'm getting ready to go out for breakfast with the girls-- will update in more detail when I return this afternoon.  But here are the highlights.

I did get an update late yesterday from Andy and a note from Karl (who will be calling me this weekend).

1.  Fed Ex tracking emails were sent to many of you yesterday.  These include numbers that may/may not yet be active in Fed Ex's system.  They go "live" once Fed Ex has actually scanned the item but they are *your* Opus tracking.  So you might want to wait till Monday to check the tracking. 
2.  For many who did not get them yesterday (and I have to go back and look at Andy's email-- so wait for specifics later) there are more in Europe that still need to be sent, which Andy will do either today or Monday, latest.  You will get one. 
3.  The UK orders were pushed a day (which means Monday delivery now) due to a labeling issue or something with Fed Ex but Andy and Karl stayed till 1 am working on it Thursday eve, and when I spoke to them both Friday morn, they thought all was still on track for deliveries as I  last told you all.  But again, this has been delayed one day.
4.  Many in South America are getting emails from the customs broker/whatever you call them there, to either announce deliveries are coming or in the case of Brazil, that if you haven't sent your CPF (previously called Tax ID) then you need to get that to finalize paperwork for delivery.  If you are in Brazil, and you have not emailed Andy ( with your CAP, please do so immediately. 

I think that's the general info in 20 seconds or less.  But as I mentioned I will reread Andy's email to me and update with anything I missed.  Also, will update after I hear from Karl this weekend by phone.

Any questions or concerns, please email me at
Much L.O.V.E. to you all. 


  1. Hey Cali

    I've received my tracking number!!!YAY!!!:):):) Thank you dear for everything!!!:):*:*:*


  2. P.S Cali I'm so sorry for complaining about Fedex , coz there is their representation in Georgia.I just didn't know about them at all:( I'm so sorry. I'll call them on Monday.


  3. Cali, in your post you wrote wrong ID Tax for brazilians. It's CPF (cadastro de pessoas físicas), not CAP.

    With L.O.V.E!!

    Pollyanna from Brazil =D