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Thursday, March 18, 2010

TOTALLY off topic!

Spring is here.  Wow!  I didn't know!!  Where have I been the last 3 months??   LOL  Here's some signs of spring I saw.  The last one -- is kind of how we all felt for the last 3 months.  :X

(Click any of the pictures to enlarge)

Hello there.
Buds are blooming.
Even weeds are pretty.
Take time to stretch!
This one made me laugh-- they both looked away at the same time-- they look headless.  HA
Shhh I am napping.
Remember to spread your wings.
Cali the Hawk (check out the eyes!)

A rose for you all.

Here are some duck butts-- Don't know why they make me laugh!

The male is saying "Do you see what I have to put up with?"  LOL

.......and the MONEY SHOT!  lmao!

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  1. CPC I
    ARTIST !!!!!!!!!
    The photos are so awesome!!!, beautiful what your eyes have seen sweetie!!
    That photos represent the perfection of!! simply the best relief after all this 3 months of psicological torture.
    Thanks for this perfect gift CPC !!!

  2. Awww thank you LPPC. You are so sweet. I have to confess, a few of these I took the other day but most of them were today.

    Oh I have some of duck butts... I will find those. They are funny! (Have always loved ducks when they are underwater).

  3. I love nature pictures... and you catch the essence of nature with your camera... is nice to see spring when autumn is coming here... but autumn colors are amazing too.

    Your hotos are absolutely relaxing... and FUNNY

    I agree with Velvet... this is a PERFECT GIFT

  4. Those are great pictures, i love it!!
    The Eye of that hawk, it looks so familiar

  5. Great pics, Cali!

    I think Spring might be coming here too. Can finally see some patches of grass through the snow... and smell the dog poop thawing! LOL

    It will probably snow again though. Canadian winters are soooooooooooo long!


  6. Thank you NYTram!!! Yes.. eyes on everything from above (haha)

    PATTI! Dog poop? OMG! You brought dog poop to my spring photo session?

    *smack* LMAO!

  7. Gorgeous pix! Yellow roses are my #1 most fav color rose! And those duck butts are great! Thanks for the chuckle :o)

  8. OW! Sorry Cali! It's a common saying here in the Maritimes...You know Winter's almost over when....

    LOL. Love the duck butts, by the way!


  9. Wow!! Did you take all these photos?
    I can see your sense of nature thru the photos.

    In Japan, cherry blossom petals start swirling.
    I'll send you a copy of photo if I get a good shot. 

  10. Mimi, Thank you sweetie. Just thought wew all needed a reminder there was another world out there outside the Opus. I for one had forgotten! Awwww- I will remember that about yellow roses and try to find some more!

    lol @ Patti... I am just giving you grief! Right now there is piles of horse poop I am trying to dodge, so some warming dog poop would probably smell better. HA!

    @Koji Yes, I took them all. Oh I LOVE Cherry Blossoms. I would love to see them, thank you! They are so beautiful. Nippon is certainly known for them too. So beautiful. One day I hope to visit during this season to see and smell them myself too.

    Much L.O.V.E. to all!

  11. Hi Cali,

    Which type of camera do you use???

  12. Hi NYTram--

    Canon PowerShot SX20 IS

    I do not know the first thing about cameras and thought I would try a new hobby this year. LOL I'm not going to say how many pictures I've taken to get some good ones. (but it's a LOT).