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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jafaar & Jermaine on AccessHollywood re: Stun Gun

Ok, I haven't listened/read the whole thing yet. But-- well, Jerm's on the interview. This should be good. LOL

Check it out here on AccessHollywood.


  1. My money is on Nanny Grace. Here's the full tweets from Randy:

    Oops – Did I say ‘her’… ?
    1:31 PM Mar 4th via web

    A private issue, handled internally. The 1 in the house that calld TMZ&DCFS is on a mission 2 exploit us & separate the kids 4 her evil gain
    1:29 PM Mar 4th via web

    Quick note, TMZ caught me off guard as I was leaving a meeting. I never called them & I'm not their inside source. That will b revealed soon
    1:22 PM Mar 4th via web

    Was handled correctly, no harm done. Allegations 90% false, fabricated by evildoers covertly trying 2 separate my family from the inside out
    12:31 PM Mar 4th via web

    As I said, I must unite my family, evident by this most recent issue @ my family home.
    12:25 PM Mar 4th via web

    All the kids r safe. My nephew is a GREAT kid. Sad that the media has to pick on a 13 year old for their own gain.
    11:36 AM Mar 4th via mobile web

  2. I dont like nanny Grace,my money is on her too.
    She is always in the middle...I think she is the one who wants to separate the kids from the family.
    We will see...and please,let those kids alone with their family,where they belong!