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Friday, March 19, 2010

Opus Delivery Updates

Good morning everyone!

Ok here's what I know at the moment:

Group 1:
Argentina:  Opuses are in Customs and looks like deliveries are scheduled for TODAY!  YAY!
Brazil:  Deliveries began last Saturday, and from what I can see, all have been delivered!  Double YAY!
Russia and Ukraine:  Opuses are in transit, and should arrive Monday or Tuesday.  Then time to go through Customs (depending on if they are for Moscow or St Petersburg) then processed for delivery.  From past experience, it looks like delivery should be by next Friday (or sooner).    I have a note into Andy and Karl to get a status check on where we are with those right now-- so  will update as soon as I get it.

Group 2:
You should have your tracking emails and have a better idea today of where your Opus is in the world.  (Having coffee in Paris?  Strudel in Germany?)  Many have been delivered, and others are scheduled within hours or beginning again on Monday.  YAY!

All in all, it looks like by next Friday-- just about everyone should have their Opus in hand.  Then we will PARTY!   

Please please please be patient.  This is a very delicate operation with deliveries and one that has taken a lot of hard work to get together.  Just a few more days.  You have waited the hard part out and you will soon have your Opus in your hand!  I promise!

Any questions:  email me at

Much L.O.V.E.

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