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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tom Mesereau on Alberto Alvarez' statements to LAPD UPDATED


After you watch Mr. Mesereau, then read the newest on Alberto Alvarez, according to TMZ today. Interesting.

3/30 Update: Ok I was sick yesterday and this was about the only thing I could put together before I signed off my computer and went back to bed. More on this.

I always find Mr. Mesereau's comments enlightening and really listen to what he says. His truthful and no-nonsense views are unbiased and based in reality.

Alberto Alvarez. Hmmm. I have always had the impression he was very loyal to Michael so I am having a hard time with believing his stories were different out of malice. I believe (for what it's worth) that Alberto was scared to tell the whole story, and really in shock after knowing Michael died. I think when LAPD did finally get around to interviewing him in August, well, he told ALL of the truth. But time will tell.

Oxman is making the circuit again since he has formally notified Murray of the intent to file a wrongful death claim. That's no surprise to any of us. We know that Joe Jackson, and the whole family I'm sure, were going to do this. I think even shortly after Michael's death, that was swirling around. Further, the reason for this is the claim must be filed within 365 of the death of the patient, which is June 25, 2010, according to the LA Times article here. Further, doctors (or those acting like one in this case) must be given 90 days advance notice by California law.

Katherine has recently come out through her attorney, Adam Streisand, saying she also wants the charges against Murray raised to Murder 2, especially in light of Alberto's statements that Murray directed Alberto to HIDE THE EVIDENCE of Propofol and that MURRAY HIMSELF STOPPED GIVING MICHAEL CPR-- INSTEAD OF MAKING LIFE SAVING EFFORTS TO SAVE MICHAEL. (Don't get me started on that).

But here is where the rubber meets the road. Murray, through a source, (Chernoff?), has said he has nothing to apologize to Michael's family for (shocker #1) and THEN this line of garbage that Michael's heart registered rythmic activity at UCLA for a brief time. Medical experts have already said this heart activity was due to the extraordinary life saving efforts they were subjecting Michael to. The machines, not Michael, made his heart start and when those machines were removed/stopped, so did the activity.

Murray further has said through his spokespeople, that the reason he LIED and never told the paramedics or UCLA about the Propofol (and the other list of drugs he gave Michael that night) was because he didn't think the Propofol had anything to do with Michael's current condition. SAY WHAT?

Tom Mesereau has said it best. Michael trusted his life to the hands of (cough) Dr. Murray. Michael paid the ultimate price for that trust.

Dr. Murray, combined with the drugs, the Propofol, and lack of honesty is what KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON. Period! End of story.

Monday, April 5th, just a day after Easter, the eyes of the world will be upon Los Angeles once again. Michael, his children, his family and friends, and millions of his fans have paid the price for Murray's actions. Now it is time for Justice. I hope we see the charges raised to Murder 2 if what Alberto has said is true. Premeditation. Guilt in action. MURDER 2!

By the way, for those who think that it was Alberto who 'leaked' the story about Jafaar and the stun-gun incident, think again. Randy Jackson himself tweeted it was a woman. I have an idea who it was... GR... but it was NOT Alberto.

There's my thoughts. What are yours?


  1. it's all so depressing ;(

  2. Is a pity that the people surrounding Michael has not learned anything about him...
    Painful, shameful,horrible...the worst of the human condition...speechless...

  3. I love Tom Mesereau. I will stop anything I'm doing to listen to what he says. (reminds me of the EF Hutton commercial from years ago).

    Murray is going to be throwing some interesting things out over the next few weeks. The defense attorneys are set to tell some interesting stories.

    Hold on everyone. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

    I think Harvey Levin is right. This is coming down to who will have the best medical experts and talk clearly enough that the jury will listen.

    We can only hope we have MJ fans in their heart on that jury. We can only hope.

  4. My thoughts Cali?...Well, the same as yours:
    MURDER 2.
    Murray is more than guilty and he will have to pay.Period. End of story!

  5. I just can't get over the fact that a (so called) MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL did not BY OATH give ALL the details to the paramedics AND UCLA of EVERY SINGLE thing he gave to Michael leading up to his DEATH!

    When emergency personnel ask "What medications, over the counter or otherwise, did your patient get"... that meant ALL the medications ESPECIALLY AN IV OF ANESTHETIC! Even a cardiologist KNOWS that medications can lead to heart problems... For heaven's sakes. READ A FLIPPING PDR Murray! There are CHEMICAL REACTIONS. There are INTERACTIONS. There are SIDE EFFECTS.

    I'm no doctor, but even I know that when you give a whole slew of medications in the same class, as you did with all the benezos, that is almost like giving them an overdose of the same medication. All the functions of the drugs YOU ADMINISTERED were to put Michael to sleep. YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER or YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN PRESCRIBING AND ADMINISTERING THOSE MEDICATIONS.

    Ok, now that I got that off my chest!

    Nothing to apologize for? My a$$! You have EVERYTHING to apologize for!

  6. OK, to me, Murray is a murderer, clear and simple, because he gave enough medications to Michael to kill a horse!...and who did this was... a DOCTOR!!!...WTF!!!, this is even worse, because he KNOWS what he was doing, he knows the consequences,and then he wanted to cover himself instead of trying to save his patient life! OMG!...
    If all of us that are not doctors, are using just our common sense to realize that the mix of medications were enough to kill a horse!, why in heavens Murray didnt realized that!!??...well I have my simply theory...GREED, LACK OF COMMON SENSE AND EVIL...
    I just only hope to see this man behind bars as soon as possible!

  7. The first thing that I thought when I heard that Mike was dead, was... he was killed...

    And now, Dr. Murray is only charged with involuntary manslaughter... WTF... HE IS A DOCTOR... he must know what are the side effects os the medication he's giving to his patient... just to know the cocktail he gave MJ it was enough to see it was murder. Specially in XXI century... if you aren't sure of the side effects, you can check the web.

    And I think Alvarez didn't speak before, because he was told to be quiet...

    Why MJ was killed??? I think the lyrics of "Money" can give us the answer...

    As all of you... I only want JUSTICE... Dr Murray (and a lot behind him... maybe the ones who paid him???) murdered the father of 3 children, the brother of a huge family... and a very important part of the life of THOUSANDS OF FANS around the world...