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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Julien's Auction house Las Vegas June 25, 2010

Julien's Auction House to celebrate the day Michael passed with this... and auction of his things.  Also, those of Elvis.

Oh my .............. TACKY!

Go here for details.

Hmmmm... interesting.  One named charity that some of the proceeds are going to is MusiCares.  Anyone recognize the name and who is associated with that charity?  (Not that it isn't a good cause, but did Michael support that one?  According to this, the answer is no.)  The other is Joshua's Heart.  Why would you auction his things and then contribute, in his name, to organizations not on his list of charities? 

I'm just saying.


  1. Because the money will go...well I dont know where,( whose pocket ), I mean, but CALI, you are right, why dont they send it to one of Michaels well known charties...???...MONEY MONEY MONEY....
    By the way...I felt so sad when I saw his shoes!!!...almost made me sad....his shoes there so quiet....
    MISS YOU MIKE !!!!!

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  3. cali...where are you????...I havent heard from you since yesterday...